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Bulletin #27

Taxpayers' Information Service
Rev. 7/1/87

This Bulletin is superseded and modified by SN 99(12)

The following categories of nonprescription drugs, diabetic supplies and nonprescription eye medications are exempt from the Sales Tax:


(this category also includes food supplements.)

Nonprescription drugs include the following but are not limited to:

A. Vitamins:

Vitamin A1 Vitamin D Vitamin B6
Vitamin B2 Vitamin K Vitamin C
Vitamin B12 Vitamin B1 Vitamin E

B. Food Supplements:

Amin-Aid Gevral Protein Precision High Nitrogen Diet
Amin-Aid Instant Pudding Heatrol Precision Isotonic Diet
Casec Hepatic-Acid Precision LR Diet
Citrotein Hepatic-Acid Instant Pudding Prototabs
Compleat-B Instant Breakfast Scott's Emulsion
Compleat-Modified Formula Isocal Sustacal
Controlyte Meritene Sustagen
Ensure Nutrament Very High Nitrogen
Ensure Plus Osmolite Vivonex Standard
Flexical Polycose Vivonex High Nitrogen

C. Iron Products:

Chel-Iron Liquid and Tablets Fergon with C Caplets Laud-Iron Plus Chewing Tablets
Chel-Iron Pediatric Drops Fer-In-Sol Drops, Syrup and Capsules Mol-Iron Chronsule Capsules
C-Ron Fermalox Tablets Mol-Iron Liquid and Tablets
C-Ron Forte Fero-Grad-500 Tablets Mol-Iron with Vitamin C
C-Ron Freckles Fero-Gradumet Tablets Mol-Iron with Vitamin C Chronsule Capsules
Cytoferin Ferrobid Niferex Elixir, Capsules and Tablets
Dical-D with Iron Capsules Ferro-Sequels Niferex with Vitamin C Tablets
Femiron Ferrous Sulfate Tablets Simron Capsules
Feosol Spansules and Tablets Fumaral Elixir and Spancaps Toleron Suspension and Tablets
Feostat Drops, Chewable Tablets and Suspension Hytinic Capsules and Elixir Tri-Tinic Capsules
Ferancee Iron and Vitamin C Vitron-C
Ferancee-HP Ironized Yeast
Fergon Capsules and Tablets Laud-Iron

D. Multiple Vitamin Products:

Abdec Baby Drops Gerilets Probec-T
Abdec Kapseal Geriplex Roeribec
Abdol with Minerals Geriplex-FS Kapseals Rogenic
Abron Geriplex-FS Liquid Selenace
Allbee-T Geritinic Simron Plus
Allbee with C Geritonic Liquid Spancap C Capsules
Allbee C-800 Geritol Junior Liquid S. S. S. Tonic
Allbee C-800 plus Iron Geritol Junior Tablets S. S. S. Tablets
Aqua-A Geritol Liquid Stresscaps Capsules
Aquasol E Capsules, Drops Geritol Tablets Stresstabs 600
AVP Natal Gerix Elixir Stresstabs 600 with Iron
B6-Plus Gerizyme Stresstabs 600 with Zinc
B12-Plus Gest Stuart Formula
B-C-Bid Capsules Gevrabon Stuart Hematinic Liquid
B-Complex Capsules Gevral Stuartinic
B-Complex Tablets Gevral Protein Stuart Prenatal
Becomco Gevral T Capsules Sugar Calcicaps
Belfer Gevrite Super D Cod Liver Oil
Beminal 500 Golden Bounty B Complex with Vitamin C Super D Perles
Beminal Forte with Vitamin C Hi-Bee W/C Capsules Super Plenamins
Beta-Vite Liquid Hi-Bee Plus Surbex
Beta-Vite with Iron Liquid Iberet Surbex-T
Bewon Elixir Iberet-500 Surbex with C
Brewers Yeast Iberet Oral Solution Surbex 750 with Iron
Bugs Bunny Iberet-500 Oral Solution Surbex 750 with Zinc
Bugs Bunny Plus Iron Iberol Tega-C Caps
Bugs Bunny with Extra C Incremin with Iron Syrup Tega-C Syrup
Calcium, Phosphate, and Vitamin D K-Forte Potassium Supplement with Vitamin C Chewable Tega-E Caps
Calciwafers Lederplex Capsules Thera-Combex H-P Kapseals
Cal-M Lederplex Liquid Theragran
Cal-Prenal Lederplex Tablets Theragran Liquid
C-B Bone Capsules Lipoflavonoid Capsules Theragran-M
Cebefortis Lipotriad Capsules Theragran-Z
Cebetinic Lipotriad Liquid Therapeutic Vitamins
Cecon Solution Livitamin Capsules Thera-Spancap
Centrum Livitamin Chewables Thex Forte
Cetane (time release) Livitamin Liquid Tonebec
Cevi-Bid Lufa Capsules Tri-B-Plex
Ce-Vi-Sol Drops Methischol Capsules Tri-Vi-Sol Chewable
Cherri-B Liquid Mucoplex Tri-Vi-Sol Drops
Chew-E Multicebrin Tri-Vi-Sol with Iron Drops
Chew-Vite Multiple Vitamins Unicap
Clusivol 130 Multiple Vitamins with Iron Unicap Chewable
Clusivol Syrup Multivitamins Unicap T
Cod Liver Oil Concentrate Capsules Myadec Verazinc
Cod Liver Oil Concentrate Tablets Natadec Vi-Aqua
Cod Liver Oil Tablets with Vitamin C Natalins Tablets Vicon Iron
Dayalets Neo-Calglucon Vicon-C
Dayalets plus Iron Norlac Vicon Plus
De-Cal Nutra-Cal Vigran
Di-Calcium Phosphate Capsules Nutriganic Vigran Chewable
Dical-D Obron-6 Vigran plus Iron
Diacl-D with Vitamin C Capsules One-A-Day Vio-Bec
Drisdol Drops One-A-Day Core C 500 Vio-Geric
Duo-CVP Capsules One-A-Day Plus Iron Vi-Penta Infant Drops
Dura-C 500 Graduals One-A-Day Vitamins Plus Minerals Vi-Penta Multivitamin Drops
E-Ferol Succinate Optilets-500 Vitagett
Engran-HP Optilets-M-500 Vita-Kaps Tablets
Epsilan-M Orexin Softabs Vita-Kaps-M Tablets
Feminins Os-Cal Vitamin-Mineral Capsules
Femiron with Vitamins Os-Cal 500 Viterra
Feostim Os-Cal Plus Viterra High Potency
Ferritrinsic Os-Cal Forte Vi-Zac
Filibon Tablets Paladac VM Preparation
Flintstones Paladac with Minerals Z-Bec
Flintstones with Extra C Panuitex Zinkaps
Flinstones Plus Iron Peritinic Zymacap Capsules
Folbesyn Poly-Vi-Sol Chewable Zymalixir Syrup
Ganatrex Poly-Vi-Sol with Iron Chewable Zymasyrup
Geralix Liquid Poly-Vi-Sol Drops
Geriamic Poly-Vi-Sol with Iron Drops


Nonprescription drugs include the following but are not limited to:

A. Internal Analgesics:

Acephen Suppositories Buffaprin Momentum
Actamin Bufferin Neocylate
Advil Buffinol Nilain
Alka-Seltzer Effervescent Pain Reliever and Antacid Cama Nuprin 7-1/2
Allerest Headache Strength Capron Capsules Nuprin
Amphenol Congespirin Chewable Pabirin
Anacin Cope PAC
Anacin Tablets and Capsules, Maximum Strength Cystex Panodynes Analgesic
Anodynos Datril Percogesic
Arthralgen Datril 500 Persistin
Arthritis Pain Formula DeWitt Pills Rid-A-Pain
Arthritis Strength Bufferin Doan's Pills S-A-C
Arthropan Liquid Dolcin Sal-Fayne Capsules
A.S.A. Compound Capsules Dularin Syrup Sinarest
A.S.A. Enseals Duradyne Sine-Aid
Ascriptin Duragesic SK-APAP Tablets and Elixir
Ascription A/D Ecotrin Stanback Tablets and Powder
Aspercin Emagrin St. Joseph Aspirin
Aspergum Empirin St. Joseph Aspirin for Children Chewable Tablets
Aspirin Free Anacin-3 Excedrin Tempra Syrup and Drops
Aspirin Suppositories Excedrin P.M. Tenol
Bancap Capsule Febrinol Trigesic
Banesin Goody's Extra Strength Tablets Tylenol Extra Strength Tablets, Capsules, Liquid
Bayer Aspirin Goody's Headache Powder Tylenol Tablets, Chewable Tablets, Drops and Elixir
Bayer Children's Aspirin Liquiprin Solution Uracel S
Bayer Timed-Release Aspirin Meadache Valadol Tablets and Liquid
BC Tablet and Powder Measurin Valorin
Bromo-Seltzer Mobigesic Vanquish Caplet

B. Hemorrhoidal Products Containing Anesthetics:

A-Caine HTO Stainless Proctodon
Americaine Lanacane Rectal Medicone Suppositories
Anusol (Suppository, ointment) Non-Steroid Proctofoam Rectal Medicone Unguent
BiCozene Nupercainal Ointment Tanicaine Ointment
Blue-Gray Nupercainal Suppositories Tanicaine Suppositories
Diothane Pazo (ointment, suppository) Tronolane (cream, suppositories)
Epinephricaine Ointment Perifoam Wyanoid Ointment
Gentz Wipes Peterson's Ointment
HTO Ointment Pontocaine (cream, ointment)


Nonperscription drugs include the following but are not limited to:

Adlerika Effersyllium Modane Mild
Afko-Lube Emulsoil Modane Soft
Afko-Lube Lax Espotabs Mucilose
Agoral Evac-Q-Kit Nature's Remedy
Agoral Plain Evac-Q-Kwik Neo-Cultol
Alophen Evac-U-Gen Neoloid
Bisacodyl Ex-Lax Nuggets
Black Draught Feen-A-Mint Nujol
Caroid Laxative Tablets Fleet Bagenema Nytilax
Carter's Little Pills Fleet Bagenema #1105 Occy-Chrystine Laxative
Cas-Evac Dleet Bisacodyl Enema Peri Colace
Castor Oil Fleet Enema Petrogalar
Casyllium Fleet Enema Oil Retention Petrogalar with Phenolphthalein
Colace Fleet Pediatric Enema Petro-Syllium No. 1 Plain
Coloctyl Fletcher's Castoria Petro-Syllium No. 2 with Phenolphthalein
Comfolax Garfields Tea Phenolax
Comfolax Plus Gentlax B Phillip's Milk of Magnesia
Concentrated Milk of Magnesia Gentlax S Phospho-soda
Constiban Glycerin Suppositories Pleasant Pellets
Correctol Glysennid Purge Evacuant
Dialose Haley's M-O Regul-Aid
Dialose Plus Hydrocil Instant Regutol
Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate Hydrolose Saf-Tip Oil Retention Enema
Dil Medicone Innerclean Herbal Laxative Saf-Tip Phosphate Enema
Dio-Sul Kasof Saraka
Diothron Kellogg's Tasteless Castor Oil Senokap DSS
Disanthrol Kondremul Senokot
Disolan Kondremul with Cascara Senokot-S
Disolan Forte Kondremul with Phenolphthalein Senokot with Psyllium
Disonate Konsyl Siblin
Disoplex L.A. Formula Sodium Phosphate and Biphosphate Oral Solution USP
Doctate Lane's Pills Softenex
Doctate-P Maltsupex Stimulax
Dorbane Metamucil Surfak
Dorbantyl Metamucil Instant Mix Swiss Kriss
Dorbantyl Forte Metamucil Orange Flavor Instant Mix Syllact
Doxan Milkinol Syllamalt
Doxidan Milk of Magnesia USP Theralax
Doxinate Milk of Magnesia-Cascara Suspension Tonelax
Dr. Caldwell's Senna Laxative Mineral Oil Unilax
Dual Formula Feen-A-Mint Mitrolan
Dulcolax Modane


Nonperscription drugs include the following but are not limited to:

A. Antitussive Products

Actol Expectorant Endotussin-NN Pediatric Quiet-Nite
Alamine Fedahist Expectorant Robitussin
Alamine-C Fedahist Syrup and Tablets Robitussin A-C
Alamine Expectorant Formula 44 Cough Control Discs Robitussin-CF
Alo-Tuss Tablets Formula 44 Cough Mixture Robitussin DAC
Ambenyl-D Formula 44-D Robitussin-DM
Amonidrin Tablets 2/G Robitussin-PE
Baby Cough Syrup 2/G-DM Romilar III
Bayer Cough Syrup for Children GG-Cen Capsules and syrup Romilar Capsules
Benylin GG Tussin Romilar CF
Benylin DM G-Tussin DM Romilar Childern's
Breacol Halls Ryna-C
C3 Capsules Histadyl EC Ryna-CX
Cerose DM Hytuss Tablets Silexin Cough Syrup and Tablets
Cetro-Cirose Hytuss 2X Capsules Sorbutuss
Cheracol Kiddies Pediatric St. Joseph Cough Syrup for Children
Cheracol D Kleer Chewable Tablets Sudafed Cough Syrup
Chlor-Trimeton Expectorant Kolephrin GG/DM Supercitin
Chlor-Trimeton Expectorant with Codeine Kolephrin Non-Narcotic Toclonol Expectorant
Codimal DM Kolephrin with Codeine Tolu-Sed
Codimal Expectorant Kophane Syrup Tolu-Sed DM
Codimal PH Lanatuss Tonecol
Colrex Mercodol with Decapryn Triaminic Expectorant
Colrex Expectorant Naldecon CX Triaminic Expectorant with Codeine
Conar Naldecon DX Triaminicol
Conar Expectorant Naldecon EX Tricodene Forte
Conex Naldetuss Tricodene #1
Conex with Codeine N-N Cough Syrup Tricodene #2
Consotuss Noratuss Tricodene Pediatric
Coricidin Nortussin Tricodene Sugar Free Syrup
Coryban-D Novahistine Cough Formula Trind-DM
Coryzex Capsules Novahistine Cough and Cold Formula Tussagesic Suspension
Cosanyl DM Improved Formula Novahistine DH Tussagesic Tablets
Cosanyl Inproved Formula Novahistine DMX Tussar-2
Cotussis Novahistine Expectorant Tussar DM
DayCare Capsules Ornacol Capsules and Liquid Tussar-SF
DayCare Liquid Orthoxicol Tusscapine Suspension and Tablets
Dimacol Liquid and Capsules Pediaqull Tussciden Expectorant
Dondril Anticough Tablets Pertussin 8-Hour Cough Formula Vicks Cough Syrup
Dorcol Pediatric Cough Syrup Pertussin Cough Syrup for Children Vicks Cough Silencer Lozenges
Dr. Drake's Pinex Regular & Concentrate Viromed Tablets
Dristan Cough Formula Prunicodeine Viromed Liquid
Efricon Quelidrine
Endotussin-NN Queltuss Tablets

B. Lozenge Products:

Cepacol Isodettes Super Spec-T Sore Throat/Decongestant Lozenges
Cepacol Troches Meloids Pastilles Sucrets
Cepastat Menthol Chloraseptic Sucrets Cough Control Formula
Cherry Chloraseptic Mycinettes Sugar Free Sucrets Cold Decongestant Formula
Chidlren's Cepastat N'Ice Sugarless Cough Lozenges Synthaloids
Children's Chloraseptic Oracin Thantis
Children's Hold 4 Hour Cough Suppressant Oradex-C Throat Discs
Chloraseptic Cough Control Robitussin-DM Cough Calmers Trocaine
Colrex Troches Semets Trokettes
Conex Sepo Vicks Throat Lozenges
Hold Spec-T Sore Throat Anesthetic Lozenges Victors
Hold 4 Hour Cough Supressant Spec-T Sore Throat/Cough Suppressant Lozenges

C. Cold and Allergy Products:

Alka-Seltzer Plus Dristan (time capsule) Ryna
Allerest Dristan-AF Tablets (Aspirin Free) Sinacon
Allerest Headache Strength Dristan Capsules Sinapils
Allerest Regular and Children's Duadacin Sinarest
Allergesic Duradyne-Forte Sinarest Extra Strength
Anodynos Forte Emagrin Forte Sine-Aid
Aspirin Free Dristan Endecon Sine-Off
Bayer Children's Cold Tablets Euphenex Sine-Off Extra Strength
Cerose Compound Capsules Extendac Sine-Off Non-Aspirin Formula
Chlor-Trimeton Fedahist Sinulin
Chlor-Trimeton Decongestant Fedrazil Sinurex
Codimal Fendol Sinustat
Colrex Gornex Sinutab
Conex DA Headway Sinutab Extra Strength
Conex Plus Hista-Compound Sinutab II
Congespirin Hot Lemon St. Joseph Cold Tablets for Children
Contac Kiddisan Sudafed
Contac Severe Cold Formula Kolephrin Sudafed Plus
Coricidin Naldegesic Super Anahist
Coricidin "D" Neorhiban Triaminic
Coricidin Demilets Neo-Synephrine Day Relief Triaminicin
Coricidin Medilets Nor-Lief Triaminicin Allergy
Coryban-D Novafed Triaminicin Chewables
Co Tylenol (tablet, capsule) Novafed A Trind
Co Tylenol (liquid) Novahistine Cold Tablets Tri-Nefrin
Children's Co Tylenol Liquid Cold Formula Novahistine Elixir Ursinus
Covanamine Novahistine Fortis Valihist
Covangesic Novahistine Melet VapoRub
Dalca Novahistine Sinus Tablets VapoSteam
Decapyryn NyQuil Vasominic TD
Demazin Ornex Viro-med
D-Feda Peletac 4-Way Cold Tablets
Dimetane Decongestant Pfeiffer Allergy Tablets
Dristan (tablet) Pyrroxate

D. Topical Decongestant Products:

Afrin (nasal spray, nose drops) Duramist PM (nasal spray) Privine (nose drops, nasal spray)
Afrin Pediatric (nose drops) Duration (nasal spray, nose drops) Salinex (nasal mist)
Alconefrin (nose drops) Duration Mentholated Vapor Spray (nasal spray) Sinarest (nasal spray)
Allerest (nasal spray) Efedron Nasal Jelly (jelly) Sine-Off Once-A-Day (nasal spray)
Ayr (nose drops) I-Sedrin Plain (nose drops) Sinex (nasal spray)
Ayr (nasal spray) Nasal Douche Powder (powder) Sinex-L.A. (nasal Spray)
Benzedrex (inhaler) Noe-Synephrine (nasal spray, nose drops, nasal jelly) Sinutab (nasal spray)
Cerose Compound Capsules (capsules) Noe-Synephrine Mentholated (nasal spray) St. Joseph (nasal spary, nose drops)
Coricidin (nasal spray) Noe-Synephrine II (nasal spray, nose drops) Super Anahist (nasal spray)
Dristan (inhaler, nasal spray) Noe-Synephrine 12 Hour (nasal spray, nose drops) Va-Tro-Nol (nose drops)
Dristan Long Lasting Nasal Mist (nasal spray) Noe-Synephrine 12 Vapor Nasal Spray (nasal spray) Vicks (inhaler)
Dristan Long Lasting Menthol Nasal Mist (nasal spray) Newphrine (nose drops) 4-Way (nasal spray)
Dristan Menthol Nasal Mist (nasal spray) NTZ (nose drops, nasal spray)

E. Asthma Products:

Amodrine Bronkaid Primatene P
AsthmaHaler Bronkaid Mist Tedral
AsthmaNefrin Bronkotabs Thalfed
Breatheasy Phedral Vaponefrin Solution
Bronitin Primatene M Verquad
Bronitin Mist Primatene Mist


Nonprescription drugs include the following but are not limited to:

Alka-2 Chewable Antacid Dimacid Magnesia and Alumina Oral Suspension
Alka-Seltzer Effervescent Antacid Eno Marblen
Alkets Enzymet Mylanta
Allimin Estomul-M Mylanta II
ALternaGel Flacid Nephrox
Aludrox Gaviscon (tablet) Noralac
Aluminum Hydroxide Gel USP Gaviscon (suspension) Nutramag
Alurex Gaviscon-2 Pama
Amitone Gelusil Phillips' Milk of Magnesia
Amphojel Gelusil II Ratio
A. M. T. Gelusil M Riopan
Antacid Powder Glycate Riopan Plus
Banacid Gustalac Robalate
Basaljel Kessadrox Rolaids
Basaljel Extra Strength Kolantyl Silain-Gel
Bell-Ans Krem Simeco
DiSoDol Kudrox Soda Mint
Camalox Liquid Antacid Spastosed
Chooz Maalox Syntrogel
Citrocarbonate Maalox #1 Titralac
Creamalin Maalox #2 Tralmag
Delcid Maalox Plus Trimagel
Dialume Maaloc TC Trisogel
Dicarbosil Magna Gel Tums
Di-Gel Magnatril WinGel


Diabetic supplies include the following but are not limited to:

A. Urine and Blood Glucose Test Products:

Chemstrip bG Clinitest Mega-Diastix
Chemstrip G Dextrostix Stat Tek Test Strips
Clinistix Diastix TesTape

B. Combination Urine Test Products:

Chemstrip 8 Ketodiastix N-Multistix
Chemstrip GK Labstix Uristix
Combistix Multistix

C. Urine Ketone Products:

Acetest Ketostix

D. Miscellaneuos Products:

Dextrometer Glucometer Stat Tek Twin Beam Electric Photometer
Glucola Monolets


(This exemption is applicable to sales made on or after July 1, 1987.) Nonprescription eye medication include the following but are not limited to:

A. Ophthalmic Decongestant Products:

Adsorbonac Murine Soothe
Clear Eyes Murine Plus Tear-efrin
Collyrium Drops Naphcon Vaso Clear
Degest 2 Optogene III Visine
Eye Cool Phenylzin Visine A.C.
20/20 Eye Drops Prefrin Liquifilm Zincfin
Isopto-Frin Prefrin Z

B. Artificial Tear Products:

Adsorbotear Liquifilm Tears Tearisol
Hypotears Lyteers Tears Naturale
Isopto Alkaline Milroy Atrificial Tears Tears Plus
Isopto Plain Murocel Ophthalmic Solution Ultra Tears
Lacril Muro Tears
Liquifilm Forte Neo Tears

C. Eyewash Products:

Blinx Eye-Stream Op-thal-zin
Collyrium Lauro Eye Wash Trisol Eye Wash
Dacriose M/Rinse
Enuclene Murine

D. Hard Contact Lens Products:

Adapettes d-Film Gel Soaclens
Adapt duo Flow Soakare
All-In-One Gel Clean Soquette
Blink-N-Clean hy-Flow Titan
Cleaning and Soaking Solution (Barnes-Hind) LC-65 (Allergan) Total All-in-one Contact Lens Solution (Allergan)
Clean-N-Soak (Allergan) Lens Lubricant (Bausch & Lomb) Visalens Soaking/Cleaning
Clens Lensine 5 Visalens Wetting Solution
Clerz Lensine Extra Strength Cleaner Wet-Cote
Contactisol Lens-Mate Wet-N-Soak
Contique Cleaning Solution Liquifilm Tears Wetting and Soaking Solution (Barnes-Hind)
Contique Clean-Tabs Liquifilm Wetting Solution Wetting Solution (Barnes-Hind)
Contique Soaking Solution One Solution Wetting Solution (Rexall)
Contique Soak-Tabs Ova-Nite
Contique Wetting Solution Pre-Sert

E. Soft Contact Lens Products:

Adapettes LC-65 Soflens Tablets
Adsorbonac Lens Lubricant (Bausch & Lomb) Soft Care (Barnes-Hind)
BoilnSoak Lensrins Soft Mate Cleaning Solution
Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution (Allergan) Normol Soft Mate Disinfecting Solution
Clerz Permasol Soft Mate Rinsing Solution
Daily Cleaner (Bausch & Lomb) Pliagel Soft Mate Thermal
Disinfecting Solution (Bausch & Lomb) Preflex Unisol
Flex-Care Preserved Saline Solution (Bausch & Lomb) Unpreserved Saline solution (Alcon Optics)
Flexsol Saline Solution (Allergan)
Hydrocare Salt Tablets (Blairex)