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AN 2001(3)

Obtaining Connecticut 
Publications In Booklet Form

This publication has been superseded by AN 2002(3.1)

PURPOSE: This Announcement provides information about obtaining copies of informational publications in booklet form.

Informational publications, including most booklets, are available on the Department of Revenue Services (DRS) Web site for reading and downloading at no cost.

EFFECTIVE DATE: January 7, 2001.

DRS PUBLICATIONS:  DRS publishes many tax information publications as Special Notices, Announcements, Policy Statements, and Informational Publications. Most of these publications are one to four pages in length. DRS does not charge for these publications or for the cost of mailing single copies.

However, DRS currently publishes four publications in booklet form: Informational Publication 99(19), Building Contractors' Guide to Sales and Use Taxes; Informational Publication 99(18), Sales and Use Taxes Guide for Manufacturers, Fabricators and Processors; Informational Publication 95(2.1), Guide to Connecticut Corporation Business Tax Credits; and Special Notice 2000(15), Connecticut Corporation Business Tax Credits 1999 – 2000 Update (used with Informational Publication 95(2.1)).

Because of the costs involved in reproducing and mailing these booklets, DRS limits distribution of certain publications to one copy per request and mails them only on a postage-paid basis.

PICKING UP BOOKLETS AT A DRS OFFICE: DRS does not charge for a copy of any publication in booklet form if it is picked up at the DRS main office in Hartford or in its field office locations. Please call the location before you visit to be sure copies of the publication you want are available at that location. 

EFFECT ON OTHER DOCUMENTS: This publication supersedes Announcement 99(1.1), Obtaining Connecticut Informational Publications in Booklet Form, which can no longer be relied upon.

EFFECT OF THIS DOCUMENT: Announcements alert taxpayers to new developments (other than newly enacted or amended Connecticut or federal laws or newly released judicial decisions), including new administrative positions, policies or practices.

AN 2001(3)
Postage Rates
Issued: 03/30/2001