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DRS Software Developers Registration Form


Please complete the information below to register for access to the DRS Software Developers site.

Once your registration is approved, you will be given access to a secure site on which we will provide information for software and payroll companies. DRS may display drafts on this site. These forms will be marked Draft. The user must remember that forms posted on this site are only drafts and that there could be changes before the form is officially released. We will add drafts of additional forms as they become available but will not update existing drafts. Only ONE draft of each form will be posted on this site.

Computerized tax processors, tax software developers, commercial printers, and others who develop substitutes of the original Connecticut (CT) tax forms must complete this agreement.

If more than one person is responsible, each person must complete this registration form.  The automated form will be delivered by E-mail to the DRS Program Coordinator.

You must be the representative authorized to agree to answer and provide the following for the company:

Our Company intends to: (check all that apply)

Specifically our company agrees to:

1. Request and submit for approval only final versions of substitute copies of CT tax forms.

2. Distribute only officially approved versions of CT tax forms to the public.

3. Use only officially approved versions of CT tax forms to prepare returns for filing.

4. Submit all substitute CT forms to the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services for approval prior to releasing them to clients of customers.

5. When DRS notifies us of errors, we will correct errors and notify clients and customers of the corrections in a timely manner.

6. Allow the DRS to include the name of our company in various public information materials designed to inform tax practitioners and the public about vendors who have agreed, complied or failed to comply with DRS policies, procedures, guidelines, and specifications regarding substitute CT tax forms.

7. Use only approved CT wage and nonwage tax forms, including scan lines as required.

Please complete the following: