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2001 Public Service Tax Forms

All forms and some DRS publications are in Adobe Acrobat format.  Before viewing or printing these documents you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher  For additional assistance or if you are having trouble downloading a form, visit our Adobe Information page.


Name Type Description
UCT-212 EDC Form & Inst. Electric Distribution Companies Gross Earnings Tax Return

Name Type Description
CATV 211-5 Form & Inst. Community Antenna Television System Companies Gross Earnings Tax Return<
RR-210 Form & Inst. Gross Earnings Tax on Railroad Companies
TCT 211-2 Form & Inst. Telegraph and Cable Gross Earnings Tax Return
UCT-212 Form & Inst. Gas, Electric & Steam Companies Gross Earnings Tax Return
UCT-212I Form & Inst. Gas, Electric & Steam Companies Gross Earnings Tax Return Instructions

Name Type Description
CT-IRF Form & Inst. Insurance Reinvestment Fund Credit
Form 115A Form & Inst. Premium Tax Return Tax on Premiums Paid to Unauthorized Insurers
Form 115AR Form & Inst. Report of Procurement, Continuance or Renewal of Insurance with Unauthorized Insurer
Form 207 Form & Inst. Insurance Premiums Tax Return Domestic Companies
Form & Inst. Insurance Premiums Tax Return Nonresident and Foreign Companies
Form 207HCC Form & Inst. Health Care Center Tax Return
Form 207 I Form & Inst. Underpayment of Estimated Insurance Premiums Tax or Health Care Center Tax
GAA-1 Form & Inst. Transfer of CIGA Assessment Credit
Schedule GAA Form & Inst. Insurance Guaranty Association Credit
Name Type Description


Form & Inst. Connecticut Solid Waste Assessment Return