CRI Regional PHEP ORR Resources and Guidance

This webpage is to provide the Connecticut PHEP CRI Regions a repository of resources to reference and utilize for their work. This includes contract and ORR related documents and resources. For information on Regional Budgetary Guidance or Financial reporting please visit the Local Health Funding Guidance page

This page will be updated in the future with information on the PHEP ORR and PORTS reporting platform.


PHEP ORR Guidance

PHEP Capabilities Cover               BP3 PHEP ORR Cover

PHEP Capabilities Guidance  BP3 PHEP ORR Guidance

Drills and Exercises

CT DPH Required Forms

After Action Report Templates

BP1-2 CDC ORR Forms

To view files please download and open in Adobe or open in the Internet Explorer browser.  

Descriptive Planning   Operational
 Jurisdictional Data Sheet (CRI)  Distribution Planning Form  Facility Setup Drill   
 CDC MCM ORR POD Form - Excel version  Dispensing Planning Form  Site Activation Drill
     Staff Notification and Assembly Drill
     Training and Exercise Planning Form
     Dispensing Throughput Drill
     Dispensing Full Scale Exercise/Incident
     Table Top Exercise (TTX)
     PHEP/Functional/Full Scale Exercise or Incident


MCM Action Plans

Planning Resources

Reporting Platforms

Connecticut WebEOC