Since September 11, 2001, The U.S. Government has been discussing the possibility of a Bioterrorism Attack. More specifically, plans have been put on a "Fast Track" for mass smallpox vaccinations that will enable public health personnel to quickly vaccinate people against smallpox and minimize sickness and death.

If a case of smallpox is ever confirmed anywhere in the world, the first action will be what is referred to as "Ring Vaccinations". Ring vaccinations simply means quickly identifying and vaccinating the people who have close and prolonged contact (family members, co-workers, car-poolers, etc.) with the person with smallpox. We know that even after being exposed, vaccination will prevent or lessen the severity of smallpox. This is the same method that was used to successfully eradicate naturally occurring smallpox from the world in 1978.

If a case of smallpox occurs in the United States, in addition to the ring vaccinations, the Federal Centers for Disease Control will confer with State Health Departments to determine the next action. If a decision is made to vaccinate the general public, the Connecticut Department of Public Health has divided the state into 42 regions, each one independent and capable of vaccinating all its residents within a 10 day period.

 Mass Vaccination Regions