Regulations of the Connecticut
Department Of Public Health

Current with materials published on the Connecticut eRegulations website

Public Act 12-92 required the secretary of the state, beginning July 1, 2013, to post an online compilation of all state agency regulations, including emergency regulations.   The public act also requires that this compilation be easily accessible to, and searchable by, the public and designates it as the “official version” of the regulations of state agencies for “all purposes, including all legal and administrative proceedings.”


The Governor’s office in conjunction with the Office of the Secretary of the State and the Department of Administrative Services, Bureau of Enterprises Services in Technology worked together to lead this effort to modernize the way state agencies create and publish regulations.  The result of this effort is the creation of the eRegulations System.  The eRegulations system serves as an official compilation of the regulations for all Connecticut State Agencies. 


The regulations listed on this page contain the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies that specifically concern the Department of Public Health.  Copies of these regulations can be found on the new Connecticut eRegulations System website at: or by clicking on the links below.  Please click here to view the Department's notices of intent to create regulations

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Title 7: Municipalities
Regulation Number(s) Section
7-53-1 to 7-53-3 Procedures For Creating And Indexing Confidential Adoption Records For Adopted Persons Born In This State
7-62-1 to 7-62-3 Pronouncement of Death by a Registered Nurse 
Title 10: Education
Regulation Number(s) Section
10-204a-1 to 10-204a-4 School-Related Immunizations Immunization Of School Children Against Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Poliomyelitis, Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Hemophilus Influenzae Type B (Hib), Hepatitis B, And Varicella
Title 17: Public Assistance
Regulation Number(s) Section
17-227-14a to 17-227-14m Licensure of Hospitals for Mentally Ill Persons
Title 19: Health And Safety
Regulation Number(s) Section
19-1-1 to 19-1-49 (repealed) Rules of Practice
19-2-1 Reporting Use of Production of Carcinogenic Substances
19-2a-1 to 19a-2a-41 Rules of Practice
19-4-1 Minimum Standards for Approval of Public Health Laboratories
19-6a-1 to 19-6a-7 (repealed) Use Of Records Of The Health Department For Research
Public Health Code
Chapter I: Reportable Diseases
19-13-A1 to 19-13-A59 Reportable Diseases
Chapter II: Environmental Health
19-13-B3 to 19-13-B20 Septic Tanks, Privies, Cesspools And Other Receptacles For Domestic Sewage; Public Toilet Accommodations
19-13-B1 and 19-13-B2 Public Nuisances
19-13-B20a to 19-13-B32 Subsurface Sewage Disposal
19-13-B33 to 19-13-B36 Swimming Pools Please note on 3/17/2014 sections 19-13-B34 and 19-13-B36 were repealed.  See below for section 19a-36-B61
19-13-B37 to 19-13-B39 Water Supplies
19-13-B40 to 19-13-B49 Sanitation Of Food, Fair Grounds, Ice Plants And Trailer Coaches
19-13-B50 to 19-13-B51m Water Supply Wells and Springs
19-13-B52 Food or Beverage Vending Machine Operations
19-13-B53 to 19-13-B63 Sanitation for Agricultural and Migratory Farm Workers
19-13-B64 to 19-13-B77 Shellfish
19-13-B78 to 19-13-B79 Sanitation of Slaughterhouses
19-13-B80 Public Water Supplies
19-13-B81 to 19-13-B97 Mass Gatherings
19-13-B98 Water Company Land
19-13-B99 Control of Fumigation
19-13-B 100 and 19-13-B100a Building Conversions, Changes In Use, Additions
19-13-B101 and 19-13-B102 Standards For Quality And Adequacy Of Public Drinking Water
Changes to section 19-13-B102, subsections (a), (c), (e), (g), (h), (i), (j), (l), (n) (r), (t), (u), (v) Standards for Quality and Adequacy of Public Drinking Water
19-13-B103a to 19-13-B103f On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems with Design Flows of 5,000 Gallons per Day or Less and Non-Discharging Toilet Systems
19-13-B104a to 19-13-B104d On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems with Design Flows Greater than 5,000 Gallons per Day
19-13-B105 to 19-13-B113 Toilet and Handwashing Facilities at Public Buildings, Places of Public Assembly, Places Dispensing Food and Beverages for Consumption on the Premises, and for the Patrons of Large Stores and Shopping Centers
Chapter III
19-13-C1 to 19-13-C23 (repealed) Midwifery
Chapter IV  
19-13-D1 to 19-13-D44 Hospitals, Child Day Care Centers, Other Institutions And Children’s General Hospitals
19-13-D45 to 19-13-D55a Licensing Outpatient Clinics Operated By Corporations And Municipalities
19-13-D56 to 19-13-59 Licensure of Out-patient Surgical Facilities Operated By Corporations
19-13-D60 to 19-13-D64 Public Health Nursing Grants To Towns Having Population of Less Than Five Thousand
19-13-D65 Home Health Care Agency
19-13-D66 to 19-13-D79 Licensure of Home Health Care Agencies
19-13-D80 to 19-13-D92 Homemaker-Home Health Aide Agency
19-13-D93 to 19-13-D105 Coordination, Assessment And Monitoring Agency Licensure Regulations
Chapter V: Occupational Health
19-13-E1 to 19-13-E4 Tetraethyl Lead
19-13-E5a to 19-13-E10 Occupational Diseases
19-13-E11 to 19-13-E24 Radiation Sources And Radioactive Materials
19-13-E25 to 19-13-E54 X-ray Devices For Diagnosis And Therapy
Chapter VI: Land And Air Conveyances Of Common Carriers
19-13-F1 to 19-13-F6 Land and Air Conveyances of Common Carriers
Chapter VII: Air Pollution Control
19-13-G1 to 19-13-G30 Air Pollution Control
19-13-G31 to 19-13-G36 Process Operations
19-13-G37 and 19-13-G38 Fuel Burning Equipment
19-21e-1 (repealed) Indicators of High Risk of Infant Hearing Impairment
19-29b-1 to 19-29b-5 (repealed) Occupational Information In The Connecticut Tumor Registry
19-30-1 to 19-30-5 (repealed) Standard Procedures Governing Expenditure Of Special Cancer Funds
19-36-1 and 19-36-2 (repealed) Connecticut Tumor Registry
19-49-1 Transportation Of Bodies Of Deceased Persons
19-66c-1 to 19-66c-3 Compressed Air Used In Underwater Breathing Apparatus
19-73a-1 to 19-73a-91. Description of Organization
19-73w-1 to 19-73w-407 (repealed) Emergency Medical Services
19-139a-1 (repealed) Donation Of Bodies For Medical Study
19-245-1 to 19-245-2 (repealed) Classification Of Narcotic Drugs
19-258-1 to 19-258-7 (repealed) Minimum Security And Safeguard Standards For Storage And Handling Of Narcotic Drugs
19-263a-1 (repealed) Removal Of Exempt Status Of Certain Narcotic Preparations
19-610-1 and 19-610-2 (repealed) Classification Of Civil Penalty Violations For Chronic And Convalescent Nursing Homes And Rest Homes With Nursing Supervision
Title 19a: Public Health And Well-Being
Regulation Number(s) Section
19a-2a-1 to 19a-2a-23 Personal Data
19a-2a-24 to 19a-2a-29 J-1 Visa Waiver Program
19a-7-1 to 19a-7-2 Confidentiality of Health Care Data
19a-7h-1 to 19a-7h-5 Reporting Information To And Releasing Information From The Connecticut Immunization Registry And Tracking System
19a-9-1 to 19a-9-29 Rules of Practice
19a-14-1 to 19a-14-5 Evaluation of Candidates with Previous Licensure
19a-14-6 to 19a-14-20 Approval of Educational Programs for Candidates for Licensure
19a-14-21 to 19a-14-39 Prescribing and Administering Examinations for Health Care Professionals
19a-14-40 to 19a-14-44 Medical Records
19a-14-45 to 19a-14-55 Utilization of Controlled Substances by Health Care Professionals
19a-17n-1 to 19a-17n-2 Conditions for Physician Participation in the Malpractice Insurance Purchase Program
19a-25-1 to 19a-25-4 Disclosure of Health Data
19a-32a-1 to 19a-32a-5 AIDS Research Education Fund
19a-32b-1 to 19a-32b-5 Breast Cancer Research and Education Fund
19a-36-A1 to 19a-36-A56 Reportable Diseases and Laboratory Findings
19a-36-A57 to 19a-36-A63 Environmental Laboratories
19a-36-B61 Public Swimming areas
19a-36-D20 to 19a-36-D38 Clinical Laboratories
19a-37a-1 Fire Sprinkler Regulations
19a-41-1 to 19a-41-4 Birth Certificates: Filing Requirements and Access
19a-41-5 to 19a-41-13 Amendments And Corrections To Vital Records
19a-55-1 to 19a-55-3 Newborn Infant Health Screening
19a-59-1 Newborn Hearing Screening Program
19a-59c-1 to 19a-59c-6 Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
19a-73-1 to 19a-73-7 Connecticut Tumor Registry
19a-74a-1 and 19a-74a-2 Public Sources of Nicotine Yield Ratings for Cigarettes
19a-76-1 to 19a-76-4 Per Capita Grants for Part-Time Health Departments
19a-79-1a to 19a-79-13 Child Day Care Centers and Group Day Care Homes
19a-87b-1 to 19a-87b-18 Family Day Care Homes
19a-88-1 to 19a-88-4 Retired Licensure For Nurses
 19a-88-5 to 19a-88-10 License Renewal For Retired Dentists
19a-92a-1 Conditions For Advance Practice Registered Nurses, Registered Nurses, Physicians Assistants And Technicians Engaged In Tattooing
19a-102a-1 to 19a-102a-3 The Sale Of Turtles
19a-111-1 to 19a-111-11 Lead Poisoning Prevention And Control
19a-113a-1 Lifeguards To Be Certified In Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
19a-115-1 to 19a-115-6 (repealed) Medical Test Units
19a-116-1 Regulations On Abortions
19a-121b-1 to 19a-121b-7 Allocation Of AIDS Funds
 19a-127n-1 to 19a-127n-2 Adverse Event Reporting For Hospitals And Outpatient Surgical Facilities
 19a-160-1 to 19a-160-80 Description of Organization
 19a-160-88 to 19a-160-99 Establishment Of An Expedited Hearing Process For The Review Of Certain Capital Expenditures
 19a-160-100 to 19a-160-129 Budget Review Regulations For Short-Term Acute Care Hospitals Not Exempt From Annual Budget Review
 19a-160-130 to 19a-160-138 Exemption From Detailed Annual Budget Review For Short-Term Acute Care Hospitals
 19a-165q-1 to 19a-165q-99 (repealed) A Prospective Payment System For Hospitals
 19a-165q-100 to 19a-165q-108 (repealed) Appeals Process Re The Appropriateness Of Conn. Drg Assignment Under Pps
 19a-166-1 to 19a-166-5 Negotiation Of Discounts With Hospitals
 19a-167g-1 to 19a-167g-50 FY 1990 Hospital Budget Review
 19a-167g-51 to 19a-167g-99 FY 1991 And Subsequent Years Hospital Budget Review
19a-177-1 to 19a-177-9 Traumatic Brain Injury Registry
19a-178b-1 to 19a-178b-6 Equipment Grants For Emergency Medical Services
19a-179-1 to 19a-179-21 Office Of Emergency Medical Services
19a-180-1 to 19a-180-10 Need For Emergency Medical Services
19a-279l-1 to 19a-279l-5 Anatomical Gifts
19a-332a-1 to 19a-332a-16 Standards for Asbestos Abatement
19a-332a-17 to 19a-332a-23 Licensure And Training Requirements For Persons Engaged In Asbestos Abatement And Consultation Services
19a-332e-1 to 19a-332e-2 Licensure And Training Requirements For Persons Engaged In Asbestos Abatement And Consultation Services
19a-333-1 to 19a-333-13 Asbestos-Containing Materials In Schools
19a-487b-1 Mobile Field Hospitals
19a-490k-1 to 19a-490k-2 Medical Protocol For The Administration Of Influenza And Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccines For Patients In Hospitals
19a-495-5 Short-term Hospitals, Special, Hospice
19a-495-6a to 19a-495-6m Hospice Inpatient Facilities
19a-495-550 Licensure Of Private Freestanding Mental Health Day Treatment Facilities, Intermediate Treatment Facilities And Psychiatric Outpatient Clinics For Adults
19a-495-551 to 19a-495-559 Licensure Of Private Freestanding Mental Health Residential Living Centers
19a-495-560 to 19a-495-569 Licensure Of Private Freestanding Community Residences
19a-495-570 Licensure Of Private Freestanding Facilities For The Care Or The Treatment Of Substance Abusive Or Dependent Persons
19a-495-571 Licensure Of Recovery Care Centers And Standards For In-hospital Recovery Care Centers
19a-497-1 Strike Contingency Plans for Health Care Facilities
19a-504c-1 Discharge Planning
19a-506-1 to 19a-506-6 Maternity Homes
19a-519-1 to 19a-519-7 Nursing Home Administrator - Educational Licensure Requirements
19a-527-1 to 19a-527-2 Civil Penalty Violations for Chronic and Convalescent Nursing Homes and Rest Homes with Nursing Supervision
19a-580d-1 to 19a-580d-9 Recognition And Transfer Of "Do Not Resuscitate" Orders
19a-586-1 to 19a-586-3 Informed Consent for an HIV-Related Test
19a-589-1 to 19a-589-3 AIDS Related Testing And Medical Information And Confidentiality
 19a-643-1 to 19a-643-206 Certificate of Need
Please note sections 19a-643-1 to 19a-643-110 and section 19a-643-205 were repealedNew and revised sections:19a-613-1 to 19a-613-4; 19a-630-1 to 19a-630-2; 19a-638-1 to 19a-638-4; 19a-639a-1 to 19a-639a-6; 19a-639b-1 to 19a-639b-2; 19a-639c-1 to 19a-639c-2; 19a-639e-1 to 19a-639e-2; 19a-643-201(b)(23); 19a-643-207 to 19a-643-208; 19a-653-1 to 19a-653-4 Certificate of Need (new sections)
Title 20: Professional Licenses
Regulation Number(s) Section
20-7-1 and 20-7-9 (repealed) Certification By The Board
20-10-1 to 20-10-3 Medical Education Requirements
20-10-4 to 20-10-6 Standards For The Review Of Graduate Medical Training
20-11-1 and 20-11-14 (repealed) Written Examinations
20-12-1 (repealed) Temporary License For Medical Care To Campers At Youth Camps
20-13d-1 Reporting Actions Taken Against Physicians
20-16-1 to 20-16-8 (repealed) Connecticut Osteopathic Examination Board
20-25-1 to 20-25-30 (repealed) Rules Of Practice
20-26-1 and 20-26-5 (repealed) State Board Of Chiropractic Examiners
20-32b-1 to 20-32b-7 Continuing Education for Chiropractors
20-36-1 to 20-36-9 (repealed) State Board Of Natureopathy Examiners
20-44-1 to 20-44-3 Permits To Physicians To Serve As Interns Or Residents In Hospitals In This State For The Purpose Of Extending Their Education
20-46-1 to 20-46-39 (repealed) Rules Of Practice
20-53-1 to 20-53-25 (repealed) The Board Of Examiners In Chiropody
20-68-1 to 20-68-16 (repealed) Board of Examiners for Physical Therapists
20-74i-1 to 20-74i-8 Continued Competency Requirements For Biennial License Renewal By Occupational Therapists And Occupational Therapy Assistants
20-74s-1 to 20-74s-3 Certification And Licensure Standards For Alcohol And Drug Counselors
20-77-1 to 20-77-8 (repealed) State Board Of Examiners In Midwifery
20-87a-1 to 20-87a-6 (repealed) Settings And Conditions For The Advanced Level Nursing Practice Activities Of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
20-90-1 to 20-90-11 (repealed) The Board Of Examiners For Nursing And Requirements For Registration Of Professional Nurses And Certification Of Licensed Practical Nurses
20-90-12 to 20-90-22 (repealed) Requirements For Accreditation Of A Professional School Of Nursing
20-90-23 to 20-90-26 (repealed) Admission And Program Requirements For A Professional School Of Nursing
20-90-27 to 20-90-35 (repealed) Accreditation Of A Practical Nursing Program
20-90-36 to 20-90-38 (repealed) Admission And Program Requirements For School Of Practical Nursing
20-90-40 to 20-90-44 (repealed) Rules Of Practice
20-90-45 to 20-90-59 Nursing Education Programs and Licensure Requirements General
20-104-1 to 20-104-8 Dentists
20-104-9 to 20-104-15 (repealed) Rules Of Practice
20-111-1 to 20-111-10 Continuing Education Requirements For Annual License Renewal By Dental Hygienists
20-123b-1 to 20-123b-9 Administration And Use Of Anesthesia And Conscious Sedation In Dentistry
20-128-1 to 20-128-16 State Board Of Examiners In Optometry (1)
20-132-1 (repealed) State Board Of Examiners In Optometry (2)
20-141-1 to 20-141-31 Commission Of Opticians
20-146(c)-1 to 20-146(c)-7 Continuing Education For Opticians
20-162o-1 Application Fees For Respiratory Care Practitioners
20-187-1 to 20-187-20 (repealed) Rules Of Practice
20-188-1 to 20-188-4 Licensure of Psychologists
20-195a-1 to 20-195a-5 Marital And Family Therapists
20-195c-1 to 20-195c-7 Continuing Education For Marital And Family Therapists
20-195o(c)-1 to 20-195o(c)-7 Continuing Education for Clinical Social Workers
20-195cc-1 to 20-195cc-7 Continuing Education for Professional Counselors
20-196-1 to 20-196-44 Rules Of Practice
20-211-1 to 20-211-8 Embalmers
20-211-9 to 20-211-15 Funeral Directors
20-211-16 to 20-211-29 General
20-211-30 to 20-211-33 Rules Of Practice (2)
20-211-34 and 20-211-35 Mandatory Disclosure Rules
20-242-1 to 20-242-20 (repealed) Barber Shops And Barber Schools
20-251-1 to 20-251-19 (repealed) Hairdressers And Cosmeticians
20-269-1 and 20-269-2 (repealed) Board Of Examiners Of Hypertrichologists
20-269-3 to 20-269-8 Electrologist Licensure Requirements
20-275b-1 to 20-275b-7 Continuing Education for Electrologists
20-406-1 to 20-406-15 Hearing Aid Dealers
20-416(b)-1 to 20-416(b)-14 Licensure Of Speech Pathologist And Audiologists
20-440-1 to 20-440-9 Licensure And Training Requirements For Persons Engaged In Asbestos Abatement And Consultation Services
20-441 Licensing and Training Requirements for Persons Engaged In Asbestos Abatement and Consultation Services
20-478-1 to 20-478-3 Standards For Licensure And Certification Of Lead Abatement Contractors, Lead Consultants, And Lead Abatement Personnel
Chapter 22: Agriculture
Regulation Number(s) Section
22-332b-1 to 22-332b-11 Use Of Living Dogs For Medical Or Biological Teaching, Research Or Study
Chapter 25: Water Resources
Regulation Number(s) Section
25-32-1 to 25-32-7 (repealed) Qualifications Of Operators Of Water Treatment Plants
25-32-7a to 25-32-14 Certification Of Water Treatment Plant Operators
25-32d-1 to 25-32d-6 Source Water Protection Measures
25-32e-1 Civil Penalties For Violation Of Certain Drinking Water Laws
25-33b-1 to 25-33b-5 Program Of Loans And Grants To Private And Municipal Water Companies
25-33h-1 Connecticut Plans For Public Water Supply Coordination
25-37c-1 to 25-37c-2 Establishment Of Criteria And Performance Standards For Classification Of Water Company Lands
25-37d-1 to 25-37d-9 Water Company Land Permits