CT WiZ User Account

This page consists of training materials for CT WiZ users.

  • How to request a user account

  • Help with logging in (username and password)

  • How to use CT WiZ and where to get help

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Request a CT WiZ username

In order to receive a username and password for CT WiZ, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Review the user account roles to request the correct access. 
  • Click here to request a user account. If you are associated to multiple clinics, enter each clinic PIN in the "Organization Name" field separated by a comma.  Do not request a user account for each clinic you are associated with. For school nurses, you must be the school's registered nurse (RN).
  • Note: If you are accessing the CT WiZ public portal, do not request a username to the CT WiZ Immunization Information System. Instead, visit the CT WiZ public portal. You do not need a username to use the public portal as it uses "two factor authentication" to verify identity. After entering your search information, select either Text or Email to verify your identity and you will receive a verification code to enter into the portal. Please note: If email is not received instantly, check your spam and junk email folders. If the phone number or email address you provided is incorrect and dose not match what is in the patient record you will not be able to access the record through the portal. For support, click the HELP button on the top right corner of the public portal.

Log in for the first time

After you successfully register for a username, you will receive 2 separate emails within 2 business days. 

  • The first email contains your username and the second email contains your temporary password.
  • Check your spam or junk email folders if you do not receive these emails within two (2) business days.
  • If you do not receive the emails, do not register again. Submit a request to our helpdesk.
  • Copy your username and password from the emails and paste it into CT WiZ.
  • When you log in for the first time, you will be prompted to change your temporary password to something of your choice and set up your “Password Questions”. 
  • Keep track of your password answers which allows you to reset your own password.

Existing users: Username or Password Issues

If you receive the following message when you log in, “This is an invalid username/password and/or your account is locked”: 

  • Ensure you have the correct username. If you cannot remember your username, click on "Forgot Username?" and enter your information. You will receive an email with your username, if you have an account in CT WiZ.
  • If your username is correct but you cannot remember your password, you can reset your own password using the Forgot Password? link to change it.
    • Enter your Username. 
    • Answer the "Password Questions". These were set up at the time of your initial log in.
    • Enter a new password then re-enter your new password.
    • Log in again with the new password.
    • If you are experiencing problems connecting to CT WiZ, click on Trouble Logging In? and review the information on the page.
  • If you believe your account is locked, you can Submit a request to our Helpdesk to check the status of your account.
    • Select:
      • "Immunizations Program"
      • "CT WiZ Login (Username and Password Issues)"
      • "Existing CT WiZ User - Username and Password Issues"

Update your role in CT WiZ

If you do not have the necessary permissions to perform your job duties in CT WiZ, you need to submit a request to our helpdesk. Document which functions you are missing and your role. For example, search for patients, clinic information, running reports.


Update associated clinics

If you are associated with multiple clinics but do not see all of the clinics in the Clinic drop-down on the Home screen, submit a request to our helpdesk to have the other clinics added.  Include the clinic name and PIN.  You do not need to register for another user account.  


Update CT WiZ user account or clinic information

The following clinic changes can be made directly in CT WiZ (on the Clinic Information screens in the Clinic Tools module) by the Primary/Back-up Vaccine Coordinators and the Physician Signing the Agreement:    

  • Clinic name and address
  • Phone number and fax number
  • Delivery hours
  • Clinic Staff (name, email, role, title, and training)
  • Clinic name, address and staff changes require approval from the CVP.  A notification is sent to the CVP for review and approval. Check the Change Request History section on the page where you made the change and the bell icon in the top right corner for the status of the request. 

If you need to deactivate a user account, change the user's last name and/or email address, you need to submit a request to our helpdesk. 

Navigate in CT WiZ

CT WiZ has a left side menu allowing you to quickly navigate between modules and screens

  • Click on the "+" sign on each module to expand it to display the screens in that module. 
  • There are also icons throughout the screens that can help you find your way in CT WiZ. 
  • CT WiZ Quick Guide- Standard User

Access help in CT WiZ

There are 2 ways to access help within CT WiZ. 

  • There are blue  icons that appear next to the screen name at the top of the page. Click on the  to find detailed information about the screen.
  • There are   links next to the screen name. Click on the ”Learn More” link to find step by step videos about the screen.  This opens in a separate tab and numerous other Help Topics appear.

Need more information?

Submit a request to our Helpdesk.  Please enter as much detail as possible to describe the issue or question. Attach screen shots, if possible, to the email.  Depending on the priority of the issue or question, inquiries can be resolved between 1 and 5 business days. 


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