Pavement Management Group


The Pavement Management Group is responsible for:

  • Providing services to assist in determining cost-effective strategies for the state-maintained network of pavements
  • Managing pavement databases including condition, inventory, and activity data
  • Utilizing Pavement Management System (PMS) analysis tools to optimize the cost-benefit ratio of network pavement construction programs, including the Maintenance Resurfacing Program (MRP), Pavement Preservation Program (PPP), and Pavement Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Program (PRRP)
  • Providing potential treatment candidates for the MRP, PPP, and PRRP paving programs and vetting them in collaboration with CTDOT Maintenance and CTDOT Pavement Design Unit staff
  • Administering PPP project development alongside the CTDOT Pavement Design Unit
  • Performing quality assurance of pavement condition data collected by the CTDOT Photolog Unit
  • Annually preparing pavement condition data for the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS)
  • Providing annual pavement data updates to FHWA for CTDOT Transportation Asset Management Implementation Documentation as well as assisting with updating pavement data in the Transportation Asset Management Plan every four (4) years
  • Responding to pavement data inquiries to address related concerns
  • Providing state pavement performance measures for the CTDOT Performance Measures Dashboard
Inquiries can be addressed to:
John W. Henault, P.E.
Transportation Supervising Engineer
Phone: 860-594-3280

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