Construction Manual Committee

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The Construction Manual Committee consists of a chairperson, the Office of Construction Division Chief, and members from the Office of Construction and District offices. The Committee is responsible for maintenance and updating of the Construction Manual. The Construction Manual, in conjunction with the Standard Specifications for Roads, Bridges and Incidental Construction, outlines the organization, policies and procedures of the Department of Transportation relative to administration of construction contracts. All questions related to policies, procedures, pilot projects related to procedures within the scope of the Construction Manual, or recommendations for revision of procedures should be forwarded to one of the contacts listed below. There is an update process, outlined in the Construction Manual for anyone interested in proposing a revision or addition thereto. The Chairperson and committee members welcome and will review all properly submitted suggestions.

Contact Info

Requests for additional information, can be addressed to:
Christopher G. Angelotti, P.E.
Construction Division Chief
Phone: (860) 258-2669
Jennifer J. Sweeney, P.E.
Transportation Principal Engineer
Phone: (860) 594-2672
Donna Salzillo
Transportation Engineer 3
Phone: (860) 594-2718

Useful Documents

 Construction Manual VER 3.3 January 2022(PDF 18.3 MB)  January 2022
 Construction Manual VER 3.2 January 2021(PDF 13.42 MB)  January 2021
 Construction  Manual Version 3.1, January 2020 (PDF 17.37 MB)  January 2020
Construction Manual Version 3.0, January 2017 (PDF 25.99 MB) January 2017
Construction Manual Version 2.2, January 2013 (PDF 20.43 MB) January 2013
Volume 1, Chapter 3 - Project Recordkeeping and Documentation (PDF 3.06 MB)

Applicable to State-inspected projects awarded on or after August 1, 2012 or Consultant-inspected projects awarded on or after April 1, 2013.
March 2013
SiteManager User Guide: Daily Work Reports and Diaries (PDF 205 KB) June 2012

Base & Bituminous Concrete Inspection Report (CON-136) (PDF 128 KB)
Certificate of Compliance - Project Engineer (CON-502A) (PDF 484 KB)
Certficate of Compliance - State Inspection (CON-502B) (PDF 484 KB)
Certficate of Compliance - Consultant Inspection (CON-502C) (PDF 376 KB)
Certficate of Compliance - Contractor (CON-502D) (PDF 375 KB)
CT Department of Labor: Certified Payroll Form WWS - CPI
Contractor Performance Evaluations Rev. Feb 2017 (PDF 145 KB)
Daily Labor and Work Record - Public Utility (CON-40) (PDF 642 KB)
Cost Plus Summary Sheet (XLS 43 KB)
Consultant Engineering and Inspection Pamphlet 02-2017 (PDF 150 KB)
Inspector's Daily Work Report (CON-134) (PDF 447 KB)
Inspector's Daily Work Report Appendix (CON-134A) (PDF 474 KB)
Labor Mark-Up for Insurance and Taxes (DOC 24 KB)
Labor Wage Check (CON-131) (PDF 130 KB)
Notice to Contractor - Certified Payrolls (PDF 70 KB)
On The Job Training - Monthly Report (Form 1409) (PDF 17 KB)
On The Job Training - Trainee Approval Request (Form 1415) (PDF 17 KB)
Pamphlet for Monitoring Consultant Performance and Payment Requests (PDF 658 KB)
Post Construction Review Form (PDF 613 KB)
Temporary Material Installed - Public Utility (CON-41) (PDF 639 KB)
U.S. Department of Labor: Payroll Form (PDF 126 KB)