Below you will find the Department's minimum requirements for CTDOT construction field office technology. These specifications are only applicable to construction projects administered by the Department for use under the following item numbers: 0969060A, 0969062A, 0969064A, 0969066A and 0969070A. The steps for the selection and acquisition of Computer & Electronic Equipment specified in the Contract must be followed. A summary is provided below.
  1. Select the construction field office technology requirements page that corresponds to the project's advertising date from the list below. 

  2. Before ordering/purchasing the Digital Camera(s), Smart Phones, Laser Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax, and Teleconferencing Equipment, the Contractor must submit a copy of their proposed order(s) with catalog cuts and specifications to the administering CTDOT District Staff for approval coordination. 

  3. Upon review by the parties stated in the specification, if the minimum specifications are met, the Contractor will be notified by CTDOT District Staff that the order may be placed. 

  4. Following approval, the Contractor shall speak to a representative of the CTDOT Office of Information Systems (OIS) by calling 1-860-594-3500, a minimum of two working days in advance of delivering the Computer (Laptop, Desktop, Etc.) hardware and software equipment to the CTDOT OIS.


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December 1, 2022 - For projects advertised after December 1, 2022
September 2, 2020 For projects advertised after September 2, 2020 
November 22, 2019 - For projects advertised after November 22, 2019 
February 1, 2016 - For projects advertised after February 1, 2016 (PDF 243 KB)