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AASHTOWare Project (AWP) is a web-based software, used by the Connecticut Department of Transportation to receive and process the data required to meet federal and state requirements for certified payroll, prompt payment, and payment verification. All contracts awarded after November 20, 2022 will use AWP for these submittals to the Department. 

Below are some answers to common questions:

How do I get access?

Each AWP account is associated with a particular person, and it will be your responsibility to keep your username and password safe. Your account is what you will use to electronically sign the payrolls that you submit. 

To request access to AWP, download and fill out a copy of the User Request Form, then submit it to DOT.AWP-Support@ct.gov. If signing privileges are to be granted, please be sure to include proof of authorization from a company officer. 

I'm logged into AWP. Why can't I see my contract(s)?

You must request Contract Authority for every contract for which you want to submit payroll. Include your username, your company's name, and the DOT Contract ID for which you need Contract Authority. If you are a subcontractor, you can send this request to the Prime Contractor and they will forward it to the DOT Contract Staff. Once the DOT project staff grants you Contract Authority, you will be able to see the contract when you click show first 10 under the Vendor Payroll collapsible menu on the AWP dashboard. 

I forgot my AASHTOWare password.

Email DOT.AWP-Support@ct.gov with your username and request that your password be reset. 

Will you provide training? 

You can find training material here

I've read the user guides but still have questions. 

Email DOT.AWP-Support@ct.gov and give a brief description of the issue(s) you are experiencing. If the issue cannot be resolved via email support, we will gladly schedule a Microsoft TEAMS meeting with you and get the issue resolved in real-time.  

How do I submit certified payrolls? 

All contractor certified payrolls must be submitted through AASHTOWare Project (AWP). Submitting certified payrolls through AWP meets all federal and state requirements for certified payroll submissions; click here for Contractor Payroll Resources.