It is the Mission of the Connecticut Department of Transportation to provide a safe, efficient, and cost-effective transportation system that meets the mobility needs of its users.


  • To strive to identify, analyze, and continually improve the way we do our work so that we may deliver better products and services, and improve our work environment.

  • To operate the Department with maximum efficiency, so as to create additional resources for investment in the transportation infrastructure.

  • To maintain the transportation system to ensure continued high levels of safety and mobility.

  • To maximize the utilization and efficient operation of existing transportation assets.

  • To focus our human and financial resources on priorities established through an ongoing, analytical planning process that continually asks the question, AWhat should the DOT do next to fulfill the Mission?

  • To invest in projects that ensure safety, maintain the existing transportation infrastructure, increase the productivity of the transportation system, promote economic development, and provide necessary capacity enhancements.

  • To utilize all available federal and state funds.

  • To seek to protect and enhance the natural environment as we develop transportation improvements.

  • To engage stakeholders in a consultative process from the earliest stages of project development.