M.2.1 Subset Cover Sheet


This module will instruct users on how to set up the Discipline Subset Cover Sheet. Each subset in the project’s contract package will contain a cover sheet with an Index of Drawings. 



  • Follow the basic steps to complete the Subset Cover Sheet
  • Learn how to fill in the Index of Drawings


  1. To create a Subset cover sheet, within ORD, OBM or OBD click on the New File icon.

    Click on the Browse button to select the CTDOT Cover Sheet dgn seed file.  


  2. Browse to the location you would like to save the file to and type in the file name using the DDE file naming convention HW_CP_1234_1234_SubsetCoverSheet.dgn

    Click on Save.

  3. The file will open with the Drawing Title and Drawing Number filled in. In the Models Property Dialog Box Sheet Number Field edit the Drawing Number Prefix as needed for the specific disciple.

    Cover Sheet Seed

  4. Click on the Index of Drawing Table and fill in the needed information. Edit the Table Title Header with the corresponding Subset Number and Discipline Name. Edit the Index Prefix to match the Drawing Number Prefix if it was changed in the Title Block (step 3).

    Index of Drawings Cover Sheet

    Index of Drawings Cover Sheet

  5. Insert Rows as needed.

    Table Insert Rows

  6. Place the Signature Box Cell provided in the CTDOT_Borders_Contract.cel Cell Library. This cell should be placed in the bottom right of the Index of Drawings Table.

Attaching the Border Cell Library

Signiture Block Cells

Completed Cover Sheet