M.2.3 Revision Index Sheet


This Module will detail the steps to fill out the Revision Index Sheet in CAD. This is a new process that will replace having to fill out the Index in PDF. 

Bluebeam will still be used to:

  • digitally sign
  • add the Sheet Numbers
  • place the ADP/DICO # stamp



The Index of Revisions sheet(s) for each project is created and maintained by the lead discipline (unit).

  1. To create a Revision Index sheet, within OpenRoads, OpenBridge, OpenBuildings, or OpenRail click on the New File icon.
  2. Click on the Browse button to select the Revision Sheet dgn seed file.…\CT_Configuration\Organization\Seed\ CTDOT_02_Revisions_Sheet_Seed.dgn
  3. Browse to the location you would like to save the file to and type in the file name using the DDE file naming convention. Example: HW_CP_1234_1234_RevisionsSheet.dgn
  4. Click on Save.
  5. Enter the Title Block Information as instructed in the section: Section 1 - Introduction
  6. Select the edit text tool and click in the table to add text.Below is a description of each column:

    1| Enter the Addendum or Design Initiated Change Order Revision #.

    2| Enter the revised or new sheet number.

    3| Enter the Date mm/dd/yy

    4| 5| 6| Enter a Bold Capital X in the appropriate box per row to describe the action taken, new sheet, revised sheet, or sheet deleted.

    7| Enter a brief description that is like the description on the actual sheet being revised.

    Note: The Engineer is not required to input changes numerically by Sheet No. If another changed sheet is added to an Addendum in the eleventh hour, it can be placed at the bottom of the list on the “Index of Revisions Subset”.

  7. On the CTDOT Workflow, CTDOT tab in the Publishing section, select Print\Browse to Print.
  8. Select the desired location to save the file.When complete move the PDF file to the project’s Contract Documents / 100 Contract Plans folder.
  9. Now proceed with Bluebeam tools to:
    • be digitally signed
    • add the Sheet Numbers
    • place the ADP/DICO # stamp
  10. Use the same DGN file to add Addendum or Design Initiated Change Order Revision # lines, keeping the old lines intact.
  11. If you have filled the sheet create another file new HW_CP_1234_1234_RevisionsSheet2.dgn and repeat the steps above.