Module 2 - Discipline Subset Cover & Detail Sheets

The Module Descriptions and Objectives are listed under each module's sub-section.

Before attempting to open or create DGN files users should make sure the following is in place:

  • CTDOT users should have the CTDOT CONNECT DDE synced through SharePoint with the COMPASS Project Synced along with the CAD Configuration follow Module 3 - CTDOT Employee DDE Sync.
  • Consultants should have one of the following set up: Module 1 - Consultant DDE Install or Module 2 - Consultant DDE Sync.
  • Make note of the Coordinate System you will be working in. If you have existing survey data, you will need to find out what system is being used (NAD 83/NAVD 88 or NAD 27/NAVD 29). 

1. Log on to the CONNECTION Client. Bentley CONNECT licensing requires users to log into their Bentley account to secure a software license. CTDOT users should log in using your CTDOT email address and Bentley password. If you do not see the dialog box, select the ˄ icon on the bottom Windows Screen.  Click on the Connection Client Icon and select Open.

2. Access OpenRoads through Accounting or the Customized Icon following Volume 1 - M.6.1 Accessing the Application.

3. On the OpenRoads open screen select Custom Configuration, using the small drop-down arrows select the Workspace CT_Workspace, the needed WorkSet and Role.