M.1.4 Detailed Estimate Sheets

The Detail Estimate Sheets are part of the digital contract plans under the General Subset and it contains all the pay items and quantities associated with the construction cost of a project. The lead designer will create the detail estimate sheet models and will attach or reference in the detail estimates from the other disciplines.

Excel Detailed Estimate Sheet

  1. Use Excel to enter your detailed estimate information (Pay Items should be listed along the top, Sections on left most column and Totals on the bottom, seethe image above as an example). Make note of the range of information needed to be brought into each DGN model. Example: A1 to H20. Request that the support units do the same and send you a link to their excel files.
  2. To house the needed Detailed Estimate Sheets in CAD, create additional 2D Sheet Models in the General Subset dgn. One for each sheet needed including those from the support disciplines.

  3. Place the regular Contract Border Cell to line up with the transient shape. 
  4. On the Annotate Tab select Place TableFor Seed choose From Excel.  Make sure Retain Association is toggle on. Browse out the needed excel file.  Choose the correct Worksheet and set the Range to ManualSet the From/To ranges and follow the prompts to place the linked table.Link Excel Detailed Estimate Sheet  Link Excel Detailed Estimate Sheet Area Limits 
  5. Fill in the contract border title block, use Detailed Estimate as Drawing Title; include these sheets in the general subset under the list of drawings.

  6. Repeat for each 2- 5 for each sheet needed.
  7. When printing select Monochrome as printing color.


» Place Table from Table Seed

The CONNECT Edition provided the feature of creating tables in your DGN files. The CTDOT DDE provides standard templates that your tables should follow, users can apply them while placing tables in models. This feature is called Table Seed.

The table seed displays in the Seed drop-down list of the Place Table tool settings window.

Place Detailed Estimate from Table Seed

Please Note: The Table Seed for the Detailed Estimate Sheet is not yet available in the DDE.This will be added into the next release of the CTDOT CONNECT DDE.

  1. Each disciple will create a DGN file to house the Detailed Estimate Tables. Create a Design Model for each table needed and use the Place Table tool in each model. Fill in the Table as needed.
  2. These tables will be reference in models in the General Subset dgn. In the General Subset dgn create additional 2D Sheet Models, one for each table needed, including those from the support disciplines. Reference in the tables creating in step 1.
  3. Place the regular Contract Border Cell to line up with the transient shape.