M.1.3 Additional Location Plan Sheets

The location plan depicts the approximate area(s) of the project location(s). In most cases the location plan(s) will fit on the title sheet. Additional space will be needed for the Location Plan(s) when a project has multiple locations, towns or is extra-long. The additional location Plans will be placed on contract sheets directly after the Title Sheet as part of the General Subset for the project.

  1. To house the needed Location Plans, create additional 2D Sheet Models in the General Subset dgn.
  2. Place the regular Contract Border Cell to line up with the transient shape.
  3. Reference in the TRU map(s) for the project.
  4. Move, scale, clip to show the location of your project area. Turn off un-needed levels. Clip this Reference file and annotate as needed. The location map should be scaled so road names etc. can be read.
  5. Place a Circle to mark the project location.


    On the CTDOT Workflow, CTDOT Tab use the notes Begin and End to show the limits of the project, include a North Arrow to orient the viewer.  You can also thicken or draw a line to better show the project limits.

  6. Repeat steps 3-5 as needed adding additional location plans or go back to step 1 to add additional contract sheet models.CTDOT Workflow Ribbon    Place Begin and End of Project Notes   Location Plan Target Circle  Location Plan
  7. Fill in the contract border title blocks, use Location Plan as Drawing Title; include these sheets in the general subset under the list of drawings.