2.2 Horizontal Reports

Several preconfigured reports are provided with the OpenRoads software that can be used to review alignment information.

Various reports can be accessed from the Home tab, as shown below.

Reporting Tools

Additionally, reports can be generated by selecting a civil geometry element and choosing the Reports icon from the pop-up menu.

Horizontal Geometry Report


When a report is generated, the default report for the element type is displayed. The example below shows the default report for an alignment.

Bentley Civil Report Browser Horizontal Alignment Review Report - Screen Shot

Several reports are available and can be selected from the list at left. Depending on the element type that the selected report has been configured to accept, it may not show any information.

The format of the report can be modified by selecting Tools > Format Options. The dialog below is opened.

Reporting Format Options - Dialog Box

The format options are stored as a user setting in the Windows Registry and must be manually set by each user on their computer. The settings shown above are recommended for CTDOT projects. Changes made to the Format Options dialog are dynamically applied to the current report when the dialog is closed. 

Reports can be saved in various formats using the File > Save As... command from the main Report Browser dialog.