M.2.1 Attaching Imagery

A DGN file will be used as a container for the Orthophotography raster attachments. No other items (line work, cells, text, etc…) shall be added to this file accept for the raster attachments.  This container DGN file can be referenced into other Design, Drawing, and Sheet Models as needed. Following this simple procedure will be extremely helpful to other units that are referencing your files. There have been several help inquiries on raster referencing through the years going back to V8i and continuing in CONNECT Edition. AEC has found that setting up your raster’s in a separate dgn has solved publishing, printing and other downstream issues.

1. Create a 2D DGN file using a 2D Seed file and use it as a container for the Orthophotography raster attachments. 

…CT_Configuration\Organization\Seed\Road\Seed2D – CT RoadDesign.dgn


…CT_Configuration\Organization\Seed\Survey\Seed2D - CT SurveyDesign.dgn

2. Check to make sure the CT NAD 83 Geospatial Header is attached.

Current Coordinate System - OpenRoads Dialog Box


3. Select File > Settings > User > Preferences.

4. On the Preferences Dialog box locate and select Raster Manager and under Georeference:

Sister File Settings:

Use Sister Georeferenced File is toggled on.

Save Location Information is toggled on.

Default Unit Settings:

Sister File: 1 Unit = 1 US Survey Feet

Raster file: 1 Unit = 1 Us Survey Feet

Use Unit Definition Geokey if Present (override PCS unit) is toggle on.

Preferences Raster Manager - OpenRoads Dialog Box

  Click OK.

5. Select the Home tab and hold down the Attach Tools icon, select Raster Manager.

Raster Manager Icon - OpenRoads Ribbon Interface


6. From Windows Explorer Drag and Drop the SID file(s) into the Raster Manager Dialog Box.


7. On the Raster Attach Options dialog box select Attach

 Raster Attachement Options - OpenRoads Dialog Box


8. Select Fit, to bring the photo to the center of the view.

Fit View Icon

Raster in OpenRoads View Window - Screen Shot

9. Use this file as a reference attachment in other downstream DGN files.