Transportation Product Evaluation Information
The Department Contact for Product Evaluation is
Mr. David Kilpatrick
Telephone: (860) 594-3288
AASHTO Database on Proprietary Products

          On behalf of the States, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) maintains a database of propriety products utilized in the transportation infrastructure. All fifty (50) states, DC and PR contribute to the database from their experience with the performance of proprietary products. You may freely search the database to learn about proprietary transportation products of all kinds.

National Transportation Products Evaluation Program (NTPEP)

          The National Transportation Products Evaluation Program (NTPEP), established in early 1994, pools the professional and physical resources of AASHTO's member departments to test materials of common interest.

          The program brings the users and suppliers of transportation products together in a unique, mutually beneficial partnership that works to reduce the cost and complexity of the evaluation process. The program eliminates needless duplication of testing among the state highway departments by providing industry with a "one-stop shop" for product evaluation. The program evaluates a wide range of products in each of its product areas, and provides thorough and unbiased evaluation results that enable state transportation departments to be "informed consumers" of transportation products.

Protective Coatings

            In 1997, the Northeast states formed a North East Protective Coatings Committee (NEPCOAT).  The purpose was to Develop a testing standard and acceptance criteria for zinc rich coatings systems.  Because of NEPCOAT's subsequent success, it has been nationally recognized.  NEPCOAT testing standard and acceptance criteria for zinc rich coatings systems have been nationally accepted and recently adopted by AASHTO.