Policy on New Product Evaluation at Connecticut DOT
The Department shall through research assure that new and innovative materials, products, and processes, which offer cost-effective solutions to Department needs or problems, are evaluated for merit.
Product evaluation will involve collaborative efforts with industry and the Department. In this collaboration, an atmosphere of mutual respect is essential. Industry representatives shall be given equal opportunity to present their product or process. It is stressed, however, that the Department will not engage in product evaluation unless an adequately developed, screened, tested, and marketable product or process is offered.

Steps to Submit a New Product to Connecticut DOT for Evaluation

(Please follow the instructions below for the product to be considered for evaluation)


1. E-mail brief information and potential value of the product, material or process to DOT.NewProducts to obtain the Department’s New Product Submittal Form ( this form is NOT available online).  Please include pertinent website links, document(s), videos etc. in your e-mail to help us better understand the product.  A new Product Submittal Form will be provided based on an initial determination if the product offered, as described in your E-mail brief, has potential value to the Department.  Along with the New Product Submittal Form, directions for submitting an electronic version of the completed New Product Submittal Form and supporting documentation into the Department’s ProjectWise ( Web Server) drop box will be provided.  If there are any questions regarding the submittal process, please contact David Kilpatrick at (860) 594-3288.

2. The submitted new product is referred to the Research Liaison Committee for review and recommendations at quarterly meetings. David Kilpatrick will inform the submitter about the Research Liaison Committee decision related to the product.

3. Information about approved products is available in the CTDOT Qualified Product List Report.

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