Consultant Selection Office
The Consultant Selection Office (CSO), in coordination with the Commissioner, manages and directs all activities regarding the solicitation and selection of consultant firms for all Department Bureaus.  The CSO also coordinates the annual consultant prequalification process.
Consultant Selection Office 
Office of the Commissioner
Connecticut Department of Transportation
Telephone: (860)594-3017
or email to:
The Consultant Selection Office is now using electronic (email) notifications.  Please ensure emails from & are not automatically marked as spam by your email system.

Effective January 1, 2024 the Recent Selection Criteria has been updated:

Recent Selection is now divided into 2 distinct categories:  Design Categories (including Bridge Inspection) and Construction Inspection Categories.  The recent selection look back rules now apply to each category independently.


  • The ‘look back’ window is 12 months.
  • A firm may be selected for 2 assignments within a 12 month rolling period.
  • A firm may only be selected for one assignment in the same prequalification category in a 6 month period.



  • The 'look back' window is 12 months
  • A firm may be selected for 2 assignments within a 12 month rolling period.

Recent Selection is waived for both Design and Construction Inspection Categories for the following conditions:

  1. Assignments which fall under the Construction Engineering and Inspection (Rails) or Construction Engineering and Inspection (Facilities) prequalification categories
  2. Assignments advertised via legal notice
  3. If less than the minimum number of firms statutorily required to be interviewed submit proposals in response to a solicitation.


VOLUME DETERMINATION -   Calculation of a firms volume percentage is based on invoices paid over the last 3 years and incorporated into the selection scoring process through a volume adjustment factor which is added to the proposal score, prior to determining the shortlist of firms. 
  • 4.10.24 Consultant firms volume adjustment factors

    • NOTE: Firms not on this list will be given the maximum adjustment per complexity category (low-15; medium-10; high-5).
    • Volume Adjustment Range Chart

Consultant Selection Process Scoring Revisions Presentation 2.18.22

Solicitation Look Ahead 4.16.24

 Active Solicitations for Consultant Services
  •    CSO 2437 - Task Order Engineering Services for Bridge & Structure Design - Major Bridge & Railroad Bridge
  •   CSO 2435 - Construction Engineering & Inspection for Project 56-319 & 56-326
  •   CSO 2444 - Construction Engineering & Inspection for Project 301-509 - REVISED
  •   CSO 2446 - Inspection of Surface & Below Water Components of Statewide Structures
  •   CSO 2445 - Transportation Asset Management Support Services
  • CSO 2452 - Construction Engineering & Inspection for Project 172-524
  •   CSO 2439 - Task Order Railroad Construction Engineering & Inspection Services & Other Specialized Tasks
  •   CSO 2454 - Construction Engineering & Inspection for Project 130-193

130-193 Project Info - Information Only, Subject to Change


Annual Consultant Prequalification Information for 2024 is CLOSED - Applications are no longer being accepted - Submittal deadline for the 2024 calendar year was October 16, 2023.  



SBE Directory of firms.  (use Class 0600)

Affidavits     OPM Website

CSO 255 Submittal Form - June 2022 (word)