Special Event Permit for Highways

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Special event permits are required for any use of a state highway whether or not traffic is diverted along an alternate route.

  1. "Special Event" means a gathering of persons assembled for patriotic, religious, athletic, political, memorial or civic purposes;
  2. The Local Traffic Authority of any municipality shall obtain permission from the Connecticut Department of Transportation District Office to use a state highway for a parade, a bike-a-thon, a walk-a-thon, or a special event.
  3. Such required permission shall be requested not less than ninety (90) days prior to the scheduled event.
  4. The Office of the State Traffic Administration shall, in cooperation with the local traffic authority and/or state police, determine the necessity for an alternate route for through traffic on state highways, the location and type of traffic control devices and for uniform traffic personnel required.
  5. The local traffic authority shall be responsible for seeing that all requirements of the Office of the State Trafffic Administration are complied with and that all emergency services and public utilities which could be affected are notified.
  6. The Office of the State Traffic Administration may require that a police escort be obtained for certain events or processions using a state highway. Instructions for requesting a police escort are listed below.
  7. The Office of the State Traffic Administration may waive any one or more of the above requirements upon showing of justification for such action.

The Office of the State Traffic Administration has given the District Maintenance the authority to review and approve the Special Event Permits.

Permits may be requested by writing to the appropriate District Special Services Section Manager (pdf 376 kb). Information in the letter should include, but not be limited to:

  1. type of event;
  2. date and time of event;
  3. roadways to be used;
  4. traffic control plan proposed;
  5. indication that the town’s Local Traffic Authority supports the use of the roadways involved, and agrees with the proposed traffic control plan;
  6. map that clearly depicts the parade route and detours (should include street names and/or route numbers).

For further information, please contact:
The District Special Services Section Manager (pdf 376 kb) responsible for the town in which the event will take place or begin.

Requests for Police Escorts:
Police escorts may be requested through the Connecticut State Police or local municipality according to the affected roadways along the event route. Note that this escort request does not take the place of obtaining permission from the state traffic commission or legal traffic authority as required by the special event permit.

  1. Police escorts for events utilizing limited access state highways and/or state secondary roadways in towns primarily policed by the Connecticut State Police may be requested as follows:

    Requests must be made in writing to the Connecticut Department of Public Safety, Division of State Police, Traffic Services Unit, 1111 Country Club Road, Middletown, CT 06457. Requests may be mailed, faxed to (860) 685-8667, or emailed to dps.tsu@ct.gov.

    Written requests must include the following information:
    1. name of the organization and description of the event;
    2. detailed event itinerary/schedule and route;
    3. anticipated/estimated number of participants/vehicles;
    4. statement that no alcoholic beverages will be a part of the event;
    5. statement that all traffic laws will be obeyed;
    6. a copy of the special event permit (when issued).

    Overtime billing information may also be required.

    For further information, please contact the Traffic Services Unit at (860) 685-8666.

  2. Police escorts for events traveling on state secondary roadways through towns not primarily policed by the Connecticut State Police may be requested through the applicable municipal police departments.