Bureau of Engineering and Construction



The Bureau of Engineering and Construction develops and implements the capital program for Connecticut’s transportation network. The program is delivered through efficient and innovative engineering and construction solutions with stakeholder input to improve public safety and mobility, enhance economic vitality, and improve community connectivity while preserving environmental and cultural resources.

Scott Hill, P.E.

Bureau Chief and Chief Engineer
Bureau of Engineering & Construction


James Fallon, P.E.

Assistant Chief Engineer
Jim Fallon 


John Dunham

John S. Dunham, P.E.

Transportation Construction Administrator

Mark Carlino - Transportation Engineering Administrator

Mark F. Carlino, P.E.

Transportation Engineering Administrator 


Office of Engineering

Office of Construction

Office of Rights of Way

Division of Bridges

District 1

Division of Acquisition/Relocation

Division of Traffic Engineering

District 2

Division of Property Management

Division of Highway Design

District 3

Division of Administration

Division of Facilities & Transit

District 4

Division of Appraisals

District 5 Division of Titles

Contract Development

Materials Testing
 Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Central Surveys


More Information

Engineering and Construction Information Resources

Transit Asset Management Unit

Transportation Asset Management Plan (FHWA Certified 7/24/2018) (PDF, 15 Mb)