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Who can file a CT Paid Leave Appeal?
  • You may file an appeal if you applied for CT Paid Leave benefits and received a final decision denying you compensation.
  • You may also file an appeal if the CT Paid Leave Authority assessed a penalty against you.
  • You may only appeal a final decision. If you have not yet applied for benefits, or if you have not yet received a final decision, please contact the CT Paid Leave Authority.



I am not covered by the CT Paid Leave Authority; my employer chose to provide paid leave through a private plan. May I file an appeal?

Yes, you may file an appeal from a private plan’s denial of compensation.



When should I file a CT Paid Leave appeal?
  • Your appeal must be received no later than the twenty-first (21st) calendar day after the date of the final denial or penalty decision. If filed by mail, your appeal must be postmarked by the 21st day.
  • If you have requested reconsideration, you should not appeal until you receive a final decision after reconsideration.



It's been more than twenty-one days since the decision. Can I still appeal?

You can file a late appeal if you have good cause for missing the deadline. You will be asked to explain and provide any documentation to show why your appeal was late.



What is the difference between requesting reconsideration and filing an appeal? Can I do both at the same time?
  • When you request reconsideration, the CT Paid Leave Authority, or your employer’s private plan, will review your application again to make sure the decision was correct.
  • You may not request reconsideration and file an appeal at the same time.
  • You do not have to request reconsideration before filing an appeal. However, requesting reconsideration first may resolve your claim without the need for an appeal.
  • If you are denied again after reconsideration, you will have 21 days from the final decision to file an appeal.


How do I file a CT Paid Leave appeal?
  • The fastest way to file your appeal, check the status of your case, and receive important updates and the decision is by using CTDOL’s Leave Complaint and Appeal Portal.
  • You can access the portal, a quick reference guide and video tutorials on the Connecticut Family & Medical Leave Act and CT Paid Leave Appeals page.



Do I need my denial letter to file an appeal?

No, you may file an appeal without the denial letter.  However, it has important information about your claim. You should upload it if you are able, to avoid possible delays in reviewing your appeal.



What if I don't have a computer or regular access to email?
  • The portal to file a paid leave appeal will work on a smartphone. You may also visit your local American Job Center and use a computer there to access CTDOL’s website and the appeals portal.
  • When you file your appeal in the portal, you can choose to get notices by U.S. mail instead of email. 
  • If you are unable to file an appeal using the portal, please call CTDOL’s paid leave line at 860-263-6970 for assistance in filing a paper appeal. 



Do I need a lawyer to file a CT Paid Leave appeal?

You do not need a lawyer to file a CT Paid Leave appeal. If you do hire a lawyer, they may file the appeal for you in the portal, as explained in the video tutorial “Filing a CTPL Appeal on behalf of Another.”






What happens next after the appeal has been filed?

The CT Paid Leave Authority or private plan employer will get notice that an appeal has been filed and that they must upload the file record into the portal.



What is the "file record"?

The file record is all the documents and information the CT Paid Leave Authority, or private plan employer, relied on when making their decision. It also includes the application for benefits and the denial letter. 



Will there be a hearing on the appeal?
  • Most appeals will be decided based on a review of the file record. In some cases, if the appeal can’t be decided based on the file record, CTDOL may schedule a hearing or request additional documentation. In most cases, any hearing will be held over the telephone.
  • If there is a hearing or document request, you will be notified at the email address you provided.



What should I do if I cannot attend a scheduled hearing?
  • Call the CT Paid Leave appeals line, 860-263-6970, as far in advance of the hearing date as possible to request a postponement. You may also upload a written postponement request through the appeals portal. 
  • If you miss the hearing without contacting us in advance, you will not have another opportunity for a hearing unless you can show good cause for your failure to participate in the hearing.



I've changed my mind - can I withdraw my appeal?

Yes. You may send a letter requesting to withdraw your appeal to the Connecticut Labor Department Appeals Division, 38 Wolcott Hill Road, Wethersfield, CT 06109. You may also upload your withdrawal letter in the portal.



How will I be informed of the appeal decision?

You will receive an email at the address you provided when the decision is available in the portal.  If you asked to receive notices in the mail, we will mail a copy of the decision to the address you provided.



The CT Paid Leave appeal decision was not in my favor, and I do not agree with the decision. Can I appeal again? 
  • You may file a motion to reopen CTDOL’s decision, or you may file an appeal to Superior Court, within the 30 days following the decision.  Any appeal to Superior Court must be filed directly with the court.
  • A motion to reopen may be filed through the portal and must explain why the decision should be reopened. If the reason is new evidence, the motion should explain what the evidence is, why it wasn’t presented before, and why it would change the decision.
  • If no motion or court appeal is filed within 30 days, the decision will become final.