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Fraud Alert: CT Dept of Labor Identifies Phishing Scheme Targeting Job Seekers

(Wethersfield, CT) – Connecticut Department of Labor (CTDOL) Commissioner Danté Bartolomeo is urging residents to be aware of a new scam targeting job seekers. Criminals are soliciting banking and other information by calling residents and claiming to be an employer registered with CTHires, the state’s job bank.

Commissioner Bartolomeo said, “This is a truly heartless scam that preys on people who are searching for work and eager to explore all opportunities. Technology has been at the forefront of connecting workers to jobs and employers—it’s one of the reasons that the state’s economy is strong and stable. Unfortunately, technology opens the door for fraud, so we urge residents to be protective of their data.”

The attempts to steal personal data through this scam include callers asking for Social Security, bank account, and credit card numbers as well as telling residents they must pay a fee to have their application reviewed for employment. The agency recommends that all unemployment filers, CTHires users, and job seekers stay vigilant about this and other scams targeting residents.

Red flags: How to avoid being a victim: 

  • Red flag: You are asked to pay a fee to apply for a job or be considered for a job.
  • Red flag: You are asked to give your Social Security number, bank account number or credit card details over the phone to complete your application.
  • Red flag: Urgency. The caller tells you they need to collect your information or you’ll lose a job opportunity. 
  • If an employer contacts you, always independently verify the company—do not release any personal information until you do. We recommend contacting your local American Job Center if anything seems out of the ordinary with a CTHires employer.
  • Check out the employer’s website. You are looking for spelling errors, poor sentence construction, and missing contact information or questionable email addresses.
  • Use the company contact information provided on the website to call the main desk and be transferred to human resources or the hiring manager.
  • Do not click on links in emails or texts unless you are confident that the sender is legitimate.
  • Trust your intuition and investigate further if anything seems suspicious.

If you think you may be a victim of this or other scams, please visit the CTDOL fraud watch page.

Residents who received calls from employers registered with CTHires that involved the caller asking for banking or credit card information, Social Security numbers or other personal data should report this to their local American Job Center





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