Contested Cases, Appeals, and Final Decisions

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture (DoAg) conducts hearings and issues written decisions in contested cases regarding licensing, enforcement matters, and when such hearings are requested by an aggrieved party who is authorized in law to appeal an order to the Commissioner of Agriculture.



Appeals must be made in writing within the legally allowed time frame. This time frame is generally found in the statute that authorizes the action or order, and the information on how to appeal and the time frame to make the appeal should be included in the order or notice.

Upcoming Cases 

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The Commissioner of Agriculture appoints a hearing officer to hear the case and provide a proposed final decision. Hearings are conducted in accordance with the Connecticut Uniform Administrative Procedure Act and DoAg’s Rules of Practice, and all other relevant law. In almost all cases the Commissioner of Agriculture is the final decision maker.

After conducting a full evidentiary hearing, the hearing officer makes findings of fact and conclusions of law, and issues a proposed final decision to the Commissioner. The proposed final decision includes the hearing officer’s recommendation(s) on how the matter should be resolved.

The Commissioner after considering the exceptions and briefs or oral arguments, if any, and after reviewing the hearing transcript and all evidence in the record, issues a final decision.

As allowed by law, the parties have the right to appeal all final decisions to the Superior Court.

Any matter in which a hearing is scheduled or held, the issue may be settled at any time by mutual agreement between the parties.

Final Decisions

Final decisions issued by DoAg are available electronically.

Department of Agriculture Final Decisions


How to Submit an Appeal

Appeals may be made in writing to:

Connecticut Department of Agriculture


450 Columbus Boulevard Suite 702

Hartford, CT 06103


By Email:

By Fax: (860) 706-5711


Note: Documents received after 4:30 p.m. or on a day when the office is officially closed are considered filed on the next business day.

Additional Information:

Rules of Practice

Uniform Administrative Procedure Act - UAPA