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Discover Locally Sourced Menu Items During Connecticut Farm to Chef Week

Connecticut Farm-to-Chef Week returns this month, encouraging residents and visitors to discover menu items with seasonal, locally sourced products at restaurants and eateries.

The annual occasion, a program of the Connecticut Department of Agriculture, runs Sept. 9-16. Connecticut Farm-to-Chef Week celebrates the state’s vibrant agricultural community — which includes more than 5,500 farms — and the chefs who work with them to create delicious and sustainable dishes.

“In Connecticut, we’re fortunate to have a diverse range of locally produced agricultural items, talented culinary professionals, and strong partnerships between the two,” said Commissioner Bryan Hurlburt of the Connecticut Department of Agriculture. “Connecticut’s farms are busy harvesting a wide variety of seasonal foods in September, and Connecticut Farm-to-Chef Week is a great time to see how venues are turning these fresh ingredients into delicious menu items. By supporting a farm-to-table venue you are supporting multiple small businesses with a single visit.” 

Connecticut Farm-to-Chef Week has traditionally promoted the wide range of farm products grown and raised in Connecticut by featuring special menu items from participating restaurants. This year, the occasion is highlighting dining venues that regularly feature local ingredients in their dishes.

Connecticut has numerous restaurants, diners, bakeries, cafes, and food trucks with a farm-to-table focus. Throughout the year they collaborate with local farms to source locally grown items to be featured on their menus based on what items are currently in season. In addition, some farms are hosting special dinners during Connecticut Farm-to-Chef Week, inviting people to eat a meal prepared by a local chef at the farm itself.

A full list of venues specializing in locally sourced food can be found here.

Connecticut Farm-to-Chef Week emphasizes the numerous benefits that occur when eateries get their ingredients from nearby farms. These include products that are more flavorful and nutritious due to their recent harvest, economic support for Connecticut farmers and producers, environmental benefits such as the preservation of open space and reduced carbon emissions from the transportation of food, and the opportunity for chefs to prepare creative menu options with unique ingredients.

The Connecticut Farm-to-Chef program was established in 2006 to connect food service professionals with the growers, producers, and distributors of CT Grown products. Connecticut Farm-to-Chef Week was established in 2010 to encourage residents and visitors to choose locally sourced menu items; the occasion takes place each year at the end of August or the beginning of September.

For more information on Connecticut Farm-to-Chef Week, visit and the program’s Facebook page.