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CT DoAg Responds to Overturned Cattle Trailer

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture currently has staff on scene in Newtown to assist with the cattle trailer accident which occurred while exiting I-84 earlier this morning. We can confirm that the hauler was transporting 44 head of dairy cattle from Maine to Ohio. We have been in communication with the owner and are continuing to assess the situation with partners, including CTDOT and CT State Police, to move the remaining animals to a secure location.

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture confirms that 13 of the 44 animals involved in the accident are deceased – seven following the accident and six were humanely euthanized. The decision to euthanize was made in coordination with the owner based upon the circumstances present and to prevent further suffering of the animals. Per U.S. Department of Agriculture regulations, the meat from these animals is not fit for human consumption.  

The 31 remaining animals have been loaded onto a new trailer and will be transported to a facility to be evaluated by the State Veterinarian. CT DoAg is committed to ensuring the health and welfare of livestock and reminds those transporting animals to adhere to safe driving practices to provide a safe journey. The USDA  provides transportation guidelines and regulations for the movement of animals, which all owners and haulers should review and abide by.

12:45 PM UPDATE:
A total of 14 animals are deceased, 6 of which were euthanized. The remaining 30 have been evaluated by the state vet and are doing well.