Market Promotion - Branded Program
The Branded Program provides cost share assistance for branded products sold in foreign markets.  A 50% cost reimbursement of eligible expenses is available to enrolled companies.  The enrollment process is twofold:
   2.  Full application (received once the pre-qual is approved)
Overview of Branded Program requirements:
  • Applicable to US companies producing US food and ag products
  • Must be 50% US agricultural origin
  • Products are not covered by another industry group
  • Only small companies (less than 500 employees) can apply
  • Activities must be approved in advance
  • Company incurs all expenses up front
  • The USA Origin Statement must be on all products, activities, and materials
  • The maximum per country request over five years is $300,000
  • The minimum request is $2,500
  • A 6% administrative fee applies
  • A yearly application is required
Some Eligible Expenses Include:
  • Advertisements and publications
  • Public relations and seminars
  • Promotions and demonstrations
  • International trade shows (including some travel costs)
  • Pre-approved domestic trade shows
  • Package and label changes
For full Branded Program requirements, eligible expenses, ineligible expense, etc please view the Branded Program Manual  (.pdf, 56 pages).