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Career Mobility; Certification and Tuition Reimbursement

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Article 35 of the District 1199 Health Care Employees Union Contract includes a Career Mobility Fund for NP-6 and P-1 employees who request release time from work with pay to take courses in a higher education healthcare related degree program of study as a matriculating student. The Career Mobility Program is administered by New England Health Care Employees Union District 1199 and a statewide joint labor/management statewide committee.

This program is available to District 1199 members ONLY and all applicants must meet all current eligibility requirements as established by the career mobility committee. This web site provides notification to employees and their managers.

The program operates on a semester cycle basis (Summer, Fall, Spring). The Career Mobility Application as well as the subsequent Notification Packet of Labor/Management DMHAS Career Mobility decisions are posted on this web site each semester. If career mobility hours are granted, employees MUST request authorization from the manager in order to utilize LCMO hours and adhere to all procedures and requirements of this program.

Career Mobility Spring 2024 Semester

Career Mobility Summer 2024 Semester

1199 Certification Assistance Guidelines and Application - FY 2020

The Certification Assistance reimbursement process is available to 1199 union members for those licenses and/or certifications that are NOT REQUIRED for the job as determined by the official state job classification. 

  • All applications must be postmarked no later than April 27, 2020.
  • It is the employee’s responsibility to submit ONE (1) ORIGINAL APPLICATION AND THREE (3) COMPLETE COLLATED AND STAPLED copies of the application packet.
Applications should not be submitted to Human Resources but mailed to Thelma Ball at the address indicated in the guidelines.
Applications received by the established deadline dates will be reviewed at its subsequent meetings. Applicants are notified of 1199 Committee decisions mailed to the applicant's home mailing address once the 1199 Committee has met and reviewed submitted applications.

Tuition Reimbursement Program

The State Of Connecticut Tuition Reimbursement Program allocates funds for permanent employees. The benefit is for those employees who are continuing their education in an area that enhances their current job performance or assists in upward mobility in a job-related field, or is an elective that is part of a degree program.

Permanent full time, as well as part time (20 hours+) employees may apply for tuition reimbursement funds by completing a tuition reimbursement application form (CO-101) at least two weeks prior to beginning study.  (Only original documents can be accepted.  Fax documents will not be accepted or processed.)

This is an application process and payment is not guaranteed.  All funds must be approved by the Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services, Department of Administrative Services, and the Office of the State Comptroller.

Eligibility requirements, funding levels and reimbursement amounts are governed by collective bargaining agreements. Please check your contract for detailed information. Please use Form CO-101.

The Office of the State Comptroller issues reimbursement funds upon approval of each application and successful completion of course(s) with a passing grade.  All reimbursement payments are dependent upon the availability of adequate funds.

The employee must also determine the tax status of the tuition reimbursement benefits. For non-taxable tuition reimbursement, check the job-related box. For taxable tuition reimbursements, check the non job-related box. Employees can refer to Comptroller's Memorandum Number 2008-41, Determining Tax Status of Employee Tuition Reimbursement Payments or the Internal Revenue Guidelines at for additional information.

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