Capitol Region Mental Health Center


As a State Local Mental Health Authority, Capitol Region Mental Health Center  (CRMHC)   provides assessment, treatment and referral services to individuals with mental illness or co-occurring mental health and substance abuse problems residing within the towns of:

  Hartford, West Hartford, Farmington, Avon, Canton and Simsbury. 

CRMHC is a publicly operated agency serving people who often do not have access to private behavioral health services  and  have severe psychiatric disabilities which result in challenges in the areas of social and occupational  functioning,  managing one's illness successfully, and living independently in the community. 

The CRMHC entry point for clinical services is the Intake/Referral Team (860-293-6363). Intake appointments are usually conducted during normal business hours while emergency crisis services are available Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 8:30pm.  Mobile Crisis staff is able to assist individuals in determining their eligibility for services.  Please call for additional information..

For people who are referred but who do not need the type of services we offer, we  can assist individuals in obtaining   services with a group of local providers.  In addition, a person in need of services can call directly;   for example,  Hartford Hospital/Institute for Living (860-545-7330) or Hartford Behavioral Health  (860-548-0101) are local mental health providers with whom we are affiliated.   

Individuals with medical insurance including State Managed Medicaid should  contact their insurance carrier for a list of treatment providers.

CRMHC provides emergency services through the  Mobile Crisis Team to anyone who  may present a risk to themselves or others regardless of their financial status.