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For a Spanish version of this summary statement, follow the link below:
Grievance Summary Statement in Spanish

We encourage all persons in recovery and their families/significant others  who have a complaint or wish to file a grievance to discuss the matter first with your clinician and their supervisor in an attempt to resolve it.

Capitol Region Mental Health Center’s (CRMHC) Consumer  Rights Officer will investigate all grievances from clients, family members, conservators, or significant others in a timely manner in accordance with the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Grievance Policy. One can  file a grievance by contacting the following:

  • Consumer Rights Officer - Crane Cesario, 860-297-0874
  • Consumer Rights Officer - Emmanuelle Howe, 860-297-0810,
  • Consumer Rights Officer - Ralston Beckford, 860-297-0891
  • Consumer Rights Officer - Mark Meola, 860-297-0885

If the person in recovery or family members concerns cannot be resolved by the provider/team or the grievance process, the person in recovery or family member is encouraged to contact the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations to express their complaint or concern.  The Joint Commission can be reached by phone at 1-800-994-6610 or by email at 

The Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services’ "Your Rights as a Client or Patient" statement is posted in English and Spanish throughout the CRMHC. CRMHC policy around client rights and responsibilities are as follows: 

  • the right to confidentiality of information.
  • The right to personal privacy and provision of services in the least restrictive environment.
  • The right to reasonable access to treatment regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age or disability.
  • The right to be treated with dignity.
  • The right to have access to your medical record, unless clinically contraindicated.
  • The right to informed participation in the decisions regarding your periodically reviewed, individualized treatment plan. Or, to have a personal advocate, family member, conservator or another individual of your choosing assist you in participating in your treatment planning.
  • The right to freedom from sexual harassment and/or abuse.
  • The right to refuse treatment except as governed by State statute.
  • The right to be informed of CRMHC’s rules concerning the conduct of clients and other written policies and procedures.
  • The right to treatment that is considerate and respectful of your personal values and beliefs
  • The right to receive treatment or services from an adequate number of qualified staff in order to carry out the goals described in your treatment plan.
  • The right to informed participation in research studies.
  • The right for you and your family to be informed of your rights in a language you understand.
  • The right to file a grievance without prejudice or retribution; to pursue it beyond the agency level, if so desired, and to receive clear written responses at every step of the grievance resolution process.

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