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   Middletown, CT (October 26, 2016): Halloween is a fun night for thousands of ghosts and goblins across Connecticut.  With safety in mind, the Connecticut State Police has some tips for keeping our state’s youngest residents safe during the evening of October 31.  Children and
parents are urged to follow these instructions for an exciting night of trick or treating:

  1. Wear bright, light-colored or reflective costumes so that motorists see you. Add reflective tape to trick-or-treat bags for increased visibility.
  2. Carry a flashlight so that you will be seen as you walk from house to house.
  3. Use caution as you visit houses. Be alert for objects or toys in the walkway or on the porch.
  4. Never enter anyone’s house or car for a treat.
  5. Always go trick-or-treating in a group that includes adults; never go out alone.
  6. Do not eat any treats until you arrive home and your parents inspect all goodies.
  7. Only collect treats from those you know.
  8. Always watch for cars as you walk from house to house.
  9. Do not wear a mask that hinders vision in any way.

Before Halloween night, residents are reminded to clear walkways of any obstacles that could hamper visits from costumed youngsters.  Parents should inspect all treats collected by their children and dispose of any items that appear to be unsafe for consumption, such as unwrapped, partially opened, discolored or out-of-the-ordinary treats.

   In addition, parents are urged to check the Connecticut Sex Offender Registry prior to Halloween night so they can map out their trick-or-treating routes.

   Troopers also remind all drivers to be aware of pedestrians on Halloween night.  Drive cautiously and obey all traffic laws on Halloween and every day. Be aware of children who may be running from house to house. This is a fun and scary night, but safety must come first!

   The Connecticut State Police and all Resident State Troopers will be out in force on Halloween to keep state residents safe.

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