Connecticut State Police Patch STATE OF CONNECTICUT
Department of Public Safety
1111 Country Club Road
Middletown, Connecticut 06457
January 27, 2011



   The Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety James Thomas and The Department of Public Safety Office of the State Fire Marshal & Building Inspector are reminding all Connecticut residents of safety issues related to the most recent snow storm.

   All businesses and homeowners are reminded that existing snow and ice from previous storms accumulated on flat roofs, roofs with drifting snow, decks, and outbuildings puts stress on these structures.  Recent snow storms as well as the anticipated winter storm has, and will add, additional snow accumulation and weight to these structures.  The State Building Inspector has recommended that the snow be removed as needed from these structures to reduce the risk of failure or collapse.  Snow should be cleared from side-vented heating systems, including vents for gas appliances and all clothes dryer vents.

   Home and business owners should stay alert to roof and building issues and if necessary consult local building officials with any questions regarding suggestions for their structures.  IN CASE OF ANY POSSIBLE ROOF EMERGENCY – i.e. UNUSUAL SOUNDS, WATER LEAKS, ETC., CONTACT YOUR LOCAL FIRE AND PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICIALS IMMEDIATELY.

   The DPS State Fire Marshal also reminds residents to clear the snow from exit doors.  All exit doors from your home should be cleared in the event of an emergency at your home.  All EXIT DOORS for every commercial business must be cleared of snow.

   All fire hydrants in Connecticut must be cleared of snow.  In the event of a fire emergency, where hydrants are needed, they must be visible and accessible to emergency responders.  Mailboxes need to be cleared of snow so they are visible to emergency responders providing them with the building address.

   Snow piles at the end of the driveways of private homes and commercial establishments should be lowered, if possible, to increase a driver’s sightline as the motorist exits from private driveways.

   Drivers MUST reduce speed; secondary roads are slippery in spots.  As children return to school the sightlines for drivers will be impeded due to snow piles, watch out for children waiting for their school buses.


Lt. J. Paul Vance