Connecticut State Police Patch STATE OF CONNECTICUT
Department of Public Safety
1111 Country Club Road
Middletown, Connecticut 06457
April 15, 2011




   The University of Connecticut spring time events in the past have produced massive volumes of students and visitors that have resulted in tragedies, arrests and other violations that have marred the unofficial, non-sanctioned, university event.

   Connecticut State Police, working with UConn PD, began a visibility and enforcement campaign in and around the University of Connecticut campus. Troopers set up sobriety checkpoints at several locations which encountered a significant number of vehicles with violations.  In addition, Troopers also encountered underage people in possession of alcohol, reckless use of the roadways by pedestrians and other potential injury-causing issues and violations.

   The following enforcement action was taken by Troopers during evening #1 of this campaign that resulted in tickets being issued to violators, vehicles being towed, and custody arrests.

Drunk Driving Arrests: 1      (Sec 14-227a)
  (custody arrest mandatory court appearance)

Possession of alcohol / minor: 4     (section 30-89)
   (violations fine of $136.00)

Open container alcohol: 2     (Sec 7-149  $92.00 fine)
(violation town ordinance)

Illegal Parking Violations: 5    (sec 14-251   $92.00 fine)
Motor vehicle infractions: 151
(multiple charges including: unregistered motor vehicle, license violations, equipment violations, reckless use of the roadway by pedestrians, Registration violations, etc.)

Vehicles towed: 12
  (motor vehicle violations & DUI Arrest )

Calls for service: 4
   Noise complaints, unwanted guests etc

   The enforcement and visibility operation by Troopers will continue to ensure the safety and security of all university students and residents surrounding the campus.


Lt. J. Paul Vance