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February 17, 2011
                                       WINTER SAFETY TIPS

                           Important Winter Safety Reminders

   During this lull in our winter of extraordinary weather, James Thomas, the Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety, the Department of Public Safety Office of the State Fire Marshal & Building Inspector, the Department of Public Utility Control Office of Pipeline Safety, along with Connecticut Natural Gas, Southern Connecticut Gas and Yankee Gas, are reminding all Connecticut residents of important natural gas safety information. 

   “This winter we have seen conditions that we have not experienced in many years.  It is now the time to step back and use our lessons learned to educate all residents on what to watch for during and after storms,” said Commissioner Thomas.

Keep Natural Gas Meters Clear of Snow and Ice

   Snow and ice accumulation may interfere with the operation of natural gas meters and regulators, or may slow access in case of an emergency.  Snow removal activities can also pose a hazard to gas meter assemblies or piping, and result in a dangerous leak.   Snow should not be pushed or piled around meters. Natural gas meters and regulators should be kept clear of snow and ice by using a broom or by hand – not a shovel.  Should a natural gas meter become encased in ice, or begin to make an unusual noise, customers should contact their gas company.

   Snow removal equipment operators should also be aware of the presence of natural gas equipment and avoid coming in contact with meters or piling snow around vents mounted on the outside of buildings.

• Watch for Falling Ice or Snow

   Homeowners and businesses should be alert to potential ice build-up on rooftops.  Falling ice and snow can damage utility meters or regulators.  Always contact a qualified roofing contractor for safe removal of snow and ice accumulation above utility meters and regulators. All meters and natural gas lines should be protected during any removal of snow from roofs.

 Keep Appliance Vents Clear of Snow and Ice

   Beware of exhaust getting trapped by snow around an appliance sidewall outside vent.  If a vent is obstructed, the appliance may shut down or malfunction and create a potentially hazardous condition, such as a dangerous build-up of carbon monoxide.  All equipment outside vents should be kept clear of snow and ice.

   Mark the location of vents outside your home or business for easy locating after a storm. All homes should have a carbon monoxide detector.

  • Contact Your Gas Company or 911  if you smell an Odor of Natural Gas

   Anyone who smells a natural gas odor should leave the area and immediately call their gas company at the number below or 911.

  • Southern Connecticut Gas  at 1-800-513-8898
  • Connecticut Natural Gas at 1-866-924-5325
  • Yankee Gas  at 1-877-944-5325

   By paying attention to these important safety guidelines, customers can avoid potentially hazardous situations. 


LT. J.Paul Vance