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Department of Public Safety
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January 18, 2011

Department of Public Safety Storm Advice

As another winter storm approaching Connecticut brings the potential for a mix of rain, ice, and snow to fall atop an existing snowpacks, Public Safety Commissioner James Thomas, and the State building Inspector this evening are encouraging homeowners and businesses to ensure their roof drains are free of ice and any blockage to minimize the risks to flat roofs and decks.

“The storm that is expected in Connecticut overnight Tuesday and Wednesday morning is likely to bring ice, rain, and snow – and liquid precipitation can add significantly to the weight of the existing snow that has already fallen,” Commissioner Thomas said.  “The biggest problems are for homes and businesses with flat roofs and for structures like decks where the rainfall we are expecting can add as much as 60 percent to the weight they are already carrying.  Increased rainfall could add even more weight – and boost the risk of failure correspondingly.

“The best steps people can take right now are to inspect their drains and to stay alert,” Public Safety Commissioner James Thomas said.  “People with concerns about their roof loads should contact their local building official, or in case of emergency, their local fire department.”  The Office of State Fire Marshall and Office of State Building Inspector will be prepared to assist any local officials.

Local and state officials will continue to monitor the storm in Connecticut and Connecticut citizens need to pay strict attention to the volume of snow and ice on their homes and businesses.


Lt. J. Paul Vance