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1111 Country Club Road
Middletown, Connecticut 06457
April 4, 2008


   On Thursday, April 3rd 2008, New Haven Police Chief Francisco ORTIZ congratulated and recognized the Connecticut State Police for the partnership that has existed between the two departments-not only through his tenure as chief but also specifically for the cooperative policing-over the past year.

   One year ago, the Chief requested State Police resources to assist and work with the New Haven Police with specific policing duties in the city. State Police Detectives from several specialized “units” within the State Police Department were reassigned to a State Police-New Haven Urban Violence Task Force.  These State Troopers joined forces with New Haven Police Officers to formulate this Task Force to combat crime and violence in the city and to improve the quality of life in the city. Over the last 12 months, this operation has met with  great success with numerous arrests and the seizure of narcotics and guns from the criminal element in the city. On Thursday, one squad of Troopers working on the squad was reassigned from the task force to other duties. The remainder of the Task Force remains operational  working with New Haven Police to continue our Task Force Operations in the city.

   On April 3, 2008, during the late evening hours, the task force personnel comprised of State Troopers and New Haven Police Officers executed a search warrant in the city which resulted in the seizure of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia. This search warrant was the result of one of many open, ongoing investigations to curb drug dealing and violence in the city. Two arrests were made during this operationfor a variety of charges including 

possession of narcotics with intent to sell.

   A second search and seizure warrant was also executed in a different part of the city, resulting in the seizure of marijuana and one arrest not only for narcotics charges, but also for an outstanding warrant held by the New Haven Police.


   These are two examples of the work that the State Police and New Haven Police Task Force are continuing to do in the city. These investigative efforts will continue to occur through the cooperative efforts of both police department’s agencies and other specialized units of the State Police.  


Lt. J. Paul Vance