Connecticut State Police Patch STATE OF CONNECTICUT
Department of Public Safety
1111 Country Club Road
Middletown, Connecticut 06457
May 23, 2008

                             MEMORIAL DAY 2008 EFORCEMENT,

                                      OPERATION C.A.R.E. 
                         (Combined Accident Reduction Effort)

      As the unofficial start of summer is celebrated during Memorial Day Weekend, all motorists should consider the safety and well-being of others using Connecticut  roadways not only this weekend, but throughout the summer months. Using courteous driving skills and planning for traffic delays and safe travel to and from our destinations are part of a safe Memorial Day Weekend.

       The Connecticut State Police want to remind all motorists to please be observant and obey all rules of safety on our roads: ALWAYS BUCKLE UP, OBEY SPEED LIMITS, DON’T FOLLOW TOO CLOSE, HAVE NO DISTRACTIONS WHILE DRIVING and NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE.

       During Memorial Day Weekend 2008, motorists should be aware that additional Connecticut State Police Troopers will use all methods of enforcement to increase highway safety. State Troopers will utilize laser units for speed enforcement and marked & unmarked, non-traditional police vehicles to patrol our highways and roadways. The State Police Aviation Unit will provide an eye from the sky as they also patrol travel roads across the state.

     “During the past several months, we have seen several tragedies involving youths and motor vehicles.  These accidents remind us to pause and reflect on how important good driving skills and the actions of drivers can be,” said Department of Public Safety Commissioner John A. Danaher III. “We are anticipating that increased awareness by motorists and enforcement efforts by State Troopers will help to increase safety and provide us with a safe Memorial Day weekend.”

      The Connecticut State Police are asking motorists to join the State Police Team by exercising courtesy on the roads and setting an example for the nation. Every motorist is urged to drive the speed limit, buckle up, avoid using a hand-held cell phone while driving and if you see a suspected drunk driver, stay a safe distance away and call 911, as this is a true emergency.

Together the State Police and the citizens of Connecticut can keep Connecticut’s roadways safe.

       As we begin this Memorial Day Holiday, the State Police enforcement operation is designed to remind all motorists to plan ahead: if you drink, don’t drive. All drivers should set an example by using good highway safety sense. This will also help keep our highways accident free.

       The Connecticut State Police will participate in the National C.A.R.E. (Combined Accident Reduction Effort) program over this Memorial Day Weekend. The goal of this operation is to enhance safety in the state. Motorists are reminded to expect heavy traffic, exercise caution and allow extra time to reach their destination.

       The Operation C.A.R.E. holiday weekend will begin on Friday May 23rd, 2008, and will continue until midnight Monday May 26th, 2008. Connecticut State Troopers are joining all New England State Police Departments concentrating on enforcement of DUI and safety belt laws during the entire holiday weekend.

        Over Memorial Day Weekend in 2006, Connecticut State Police investigated 327 motor vehicles accidents, five of which resulted in fatalities, and during the Memorial Day weekend in 2007, there were 280 motor vehicle accidents with two fatalities.

        Additional Connecticut State Troopers will be on patrol over the entire holiday weekend. Trooper One (State Police Aircraft) will fly patrols and monitor traffic from the sky. The “Click It Or Ticket” Campaign, our first campaign of this summer season, is continuing. The goal of these State Police efforts is to rid the roads of aggressive and impaired drivers. During Memorial Day Weekend of 2007, the State Police arrested 54 drunk drivers, charged 1,050 motorists with speeding, and 879 with seatbelt violations. During Memorial Day Weekend 2008, Troopers will concentrate enforcement on all hazardous moving violations.  Sobriety checkpoints will be set up at various locations throughout the state over the weekend. (LOCATIONS ATTACHED on 3rd page).

         Remember, obey all traffic laws and pay attention to your speed, don’t drink and drive.  If you see a suspected drunk driver report it immediately by calling 911. The click word for all motorists and their passengers for the weekend should be, "BUCKLE UP, IT’S THE LAW."




                B                        05/24/08                Roving patrols, on Routes 4, 7, 8 and 44

                                           05/26/08                Roving patrols, on Routes 4, 7, 8 and 44

                                        05/24/08               Roving patrols, on Route 8 Waterbury City Limits to

                                                                         Torrington City Limits

                                       05/25/08               Roving patrols, on Route 8 Waterbury City Limits to

                                                                     Torrington City Limits

           G                        05/24/08               Roving patrols, on Routes 25 and 111 Trumbull

                                                                    in conjunction with Trumbull PD

            A                        05/24/08              Roving patrols, on Route 67 and Great Hill Road, Oxford,

                                                                    in conjunction with Oxford Resident Trooper’s Office



               H                         05/26/08               Roving patrols, I-84, I-91, Route 2

                                                                         in the Greater Hartford Area

            I                         05/24/08               Sobriety Checkpoint, I-91 Exit #6, North Haven

            F                        05/25/08               Sobriety Checkpoint in Westbrook on Route 153,

                                                                     near Essex Town Line



            C                         05/26/08              Roving patrols, Routes 190 and 32, Stafford

            D                        05/24/08              Sobriety Checkpoint in conjunction with the

                                                                    Killingly Resident Trooper’s Office

                                        05/24/08              Roving Patrols, in Thompson, Woodstock,

                                                                     Chaplin and Brooklyn

                                        05/25/08              Roving patrols, in Thompson, Woodstock,

                                                                     Chaplin and Brooklyn

                                        05/26/08              Roving patrols, in Thompson, Woodstock,

                                                                     Chaplin and Brooklyn

                                   05/25/08               Roving Patrols and Sobriety Checkpoints in conjunction

                                                                     with Montville PD, Route 32 and Galivan - Montville

            K                         05/25/08               Roving patrols, Route 32 Franklin-Windham and Route 2


                                        05/26/08               Roving patrols, Route 6 Windham-Bolton and Route 384