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On February 07, 2008 State Police Detective of the State Police Western District Major Crime Squad arrested accused Thomas Marra, , of 139 Lee Avenue, Bridgeport, the arrest taking place at State Police Troop-G in Bridgeport. Accused Marra was arrested on nine arrest warrants, consisting of over 80 felony counts and misdemeanor counts. The charges are related to narcotics sales (heroin, cocaine, Oxycontin, Methadone), a medical script/pharmacy scheme, larcenies/burglaries, financial crimes, and harassment. 

At the time of this arrest, Marra was free on three separate bonds, stemming from an August 24, 2007 State Police arrest for narcotics violations, a September 24, 2007 State Police arrest of Marra for narcotics violations, and a January 23, 2008 Bridgeport Police arrest of Marra for larceny/burglary. 

The Connecticut State Police investigation into Marra began when leads were developed into a March 4, 2004 burglary of a Southbury home.   This burglary involved the theft of a safe from the Southbury home that contained approximately $90,000.00 in valuables, including cash, jewelry, and a handgun. 

State Police Detectives continued their investigation into Marra, which revealed that Marra was selling narcotics in the greater Bridgeport area.  Corroboration between the State Police Western District Major Crime Squad, State Police Statewide Organized Crime Task Force, State Police Northwest Statewide Narcotics Task Force, the State Police Gangs Unit, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and consultation with the Division of Criminal Justice culminated in a more extensive investigation into Marra alleged criminal associates. 

This in-depth investigation determined that Marra had engaged in a variety of criminal activities as cited above, often with co-conspirators.  This information was utilized to obtain arrest the arrest warrants for Marra.

MARRA, Thomas   DOB: 02/01/71  139 Lee Ave. Bridgeport, Ct.

CHARGES:   Sale of Narcotics (10 CTS)

                    Sale of Narcotics within 1500 feet of school  (4 CTS)

                    Harassment 2nd   (2 CTS)

                    Conspiracy to Commit Harassment 2nd   (2 CTS)

                    Larceny 1st   (3 CTS)

                   Conspiracy to Commit Larceny  (1 CT)

                    Burglary 3rd   (2 CTS)

                    Conspiracy to Commit Burglary 3rd    (2 CTS) 

                    Stealing a Firearm   (1 CT)

                    Conspiracy to Steal a Firearm  (1 CT)

                    Criminal Mischief 1st     (1 CT)

                    Conspiracy to Commit Criminal Mischief 1st  (1 CT)

                     Possession of Narcotics  (4 CTS)

                  Possession of Narcotics within 1500’ of School  (4  CTS)

                     Possession of controlled Substance (1 CT)

                     Possession of Controlled Sub. within 1500’ of school (1 CT)

                     Failure to Keep Narcotics in Original container (2 CTS)

                     Larceny 2nd (1 CT)

                     Larceny 3rd (2 CTS)

                     Conspiracy to Commit Larceny 3rd (1 CT)

                     Identity Theft 2nd (1 CT)

                     Conspiracy to possess narcotics with Intent to sell  (5 CTS)

                     Illegal Obtaining of Controlled Substances Forgery  (5 CTS)

                     Conspiracy to Obtain Controlled Substances Forgery  ( 5 CTS)

                    Forgery 2nd (12 CTS)

                    Conspiracy to Commit Forgery 2nd ( 5 CTS)

                   Possession with intent to sell ( 5 CTS)


Marra was held on $1.5 Million bond

and will appear in Superior Court GA #2 in Bridgeport on 02/8/08.  

The investigation in this case continues, and additional arrests are anticipated. 



Lt. J. Paul Vance