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                           STATE POLICE MAKE ARREST


State Police Major Crime Detectives initiated a criminal investigation after Detectives learned that the accused had attempting to solicit a person(s) to harm the victim in an effort to deter that victim from testifying in a pending criminal case at Litchfield Superior Court. 

During the investigation State Police Detectives gathered information and interviewed witnesses which resulted in State Police Detectives applying to Superior court for an arrest warrant for the accused and a Search and seizure warrant for his residence.   

Today March 19th the Court issued the arrest warrant and search warrant. On March 19 at about 8:00 p.m. State Police Detectives arrived at the home of the accused located the accused took him into custody and executed the search and seizure warrant for the residence of 55 Chepachet Rd. Avon, CT searching for Evidence in this case. 

The accused was transported by Troopers to Troop-L Litchfield where he was processed and formally charged in this case.

ACCUSED: Christopher R. Layton  dob: 06/24/1984,

                55 Chepachet Rd. Avon, CT

CHARGE: Inciting Harm to a Person, in violation of C.G.S 53a-179(a).

Accused LAYTON was held on $1,000,000.00 court set cash bond. He will be held until his arraignment on March 20 at Superior Court GA #14 in Hartford.


LT. J. PAUL Vance