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                                STATE POLICE URBAN VIOLENCE TASK FORCE


On 01/09/08 at approximately 10:30 pm New Haven Police were notified of a water leak coming from the ceiling of a second floor apartment into the first floor of the three family home located at 130 Norton Street in New Haven.

The New Haven Fire Department responded and made a public safety entry into the apartment located on the second floor.  Upon entry the fire service observed a large hydroponics marijuana grow system operation inside of the apartment. The watering system to the marijuana was leaking causing the water to flow through the ceilings into the apartments below.  

The State Police Narcotics/ New Haven Police Task Force made up of State Troopers and New Haven Police Officers conducting narcotics investigations in New Haven were summoned to the Norton Street address to initiate a narcotics criminal investigation.  Information was developed by narcotics investigators of the task force and a search warrant application was prepared.

On 01/10/08 at approximately 10 a.m. the State Police/New Haven Narcotics Task Force obtained a search and seizure warrant from Superior Court for the property.  Upon entry into the apartment Task force investigators located over 331 marijuana plants and a complete indoor grow operation system in place.  All the items were seized from the apartment. The street value of this marijuana seizure is estimated at $1.6 million.

The State Police Narcotics New Haven Task Force Task Force Investigators are continuing this investigation.

ARRESTED: PENA,  Mario J.    DOB: 11/1/78   130 Norton St.  New Haven, CT.

CHARGES: Possession Of Marijanna   Possession of Marijuana with Intent To Sell,  Possession of Marijuana within 1500 Ft. of School, Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Sell within 1500 ft of a School,  Illegal Cultivation of Marijuana, Operating a Drug Factory.

Accused is being held on $500,000 to appear in GA #23 New Haven on 1/11/08.

new haven search and seizure

search warrant new haven

new haven search warrant

new haven search warrant

##END###  Lt. J. Paul Vance