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                                         ESCAPE SUSPECT CAPTURED

On 06/04/08 during the evening hours the Manchester Police Department received information in regard to suspects who were being sought in a criminal investigation that might be registered at a local hotel in Manchester. Manchester Officers responded to the hotel and as they were knocking on the door to try to question the male suspect he attempted to flee from the officers by jumping from a third floor window of the hotel. The suspect landed on the ground and he suffered a severe leg injury. He was treated at the scene by EMS and was transported to Hartford Hospital where he was admitted for surgery and treatment of his injury.

Manchester Police investigation determined that an outstanding escape from custody warrant was being held for this suspect by the Connecticut State Police. State Troopers were notified and responded to Hartford hospital.  The Troopers investgation into the escape revealed that this accused had failed to return from work to the community release facility in Sept 2007. State Police were notified and an arrest warrant was obtained from court for the arrest of this accused. 

The accused was postitively indentified and Troopers executed the arrest warrant.  He was formally placed under arrest and is being held on a $100,000 bond  to appeard in GA #14 Hartford on 06/06/08.

Accused JONES was turned over to the custody of the Department of Corrections pending his arraignment in Superior Court.

ARRESTED: JONES, Negus   DOB: 12/23/83

                      LKA Hartford, Ct. 

CHARGE: Escape 1st 


Lt. J. Paul Vance