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Nov. 9, 2007

                                                   ** UPDATE **

                                    PRISONER CAPTURED


   Today 11/09/07  State Police Troop-L Litchfield were notified by Judicial Marshals that a prisoner they were transporting to court was able to overpower Marshals and escape from custody. The inmate was being transported from a McDougal/Walker correctional facility to Superior Court West Street in Litchfield Superior court for trial. Upon arrival the prisoner overpowered the judicial marshals and was able to flee on foot on Woodruff Street toward Rt. 63 in Litchfield.

   The inmate is identified as RUSSELL PERILLO  was scheduled to be in court today.

   PERILLO, Russell, DOB: 4/30/79  Perillo is described as a white male, dark short hair, 5’5”, 200lbs, brown eyes, brown hair recently shaved head, He was last seen wearing a yellow jumpsuit last seen running down Woodruff St toward Rt. 63.

   Perillo has an extensive criminal history including narcotics violations, weapons violations, assault, interfering,  and parole violations.  He is considered dangerous.

   State Police notified all surrounding police agencies of this escape, providing a physical description of the escapee.  State Police Troopers are conducting a search of the Litchfield area utilizing all State Police resources including State Police K-9 teams and the State Police helicopter Trooper-1.

   Shortly after 11:30 a.m. State Troopers involved in the search for this escapee were searching in the area of South Street in Litchfield. Utilizing K-9 track the escapee was located between two houses in shrubs where he was trying to secrete himself to avoid capture. The State Police K-9 team located PERILLO and he was taken into custody without incident.

   PERILLO was transported to Troop-L where he will be processed and additional criminal charges will be lodged against him. Perillo will be transferred to the Department of Corrections and arraigned on the new charges at GA # 18 in Bantam  at a date to be determined.

   The State Police investigation has revealed that the escapee while being transported was secured inside the Judicial Marshal van.  He along with other prisoners were shackled together.  PERILLO was able to manipulate the lock of the shackle, unlock it,  conceal the fact that it was unlocked as he emerged from the van, and he took an opportunity to run as the group was being escorted into the courthouse.  The case remains under investigation.


Lt. J. Paul Vance

     Below is a photo of the escapee.

Russell Perillo