Connecticut State Police Patch STATE OF CONNECTICUT
Department of Public Safety
1111 Country Club Road
Middletown, Connecticut 06457
April 18, 2007


   The Connecticut State Police Department is working to assist the University of Connecticut Police Department again this year in making preparation for public safety as it pertains to the UCONN spring weekend celebration.

   The Connecticut State Police Eastern District Command, Mansfield Resident State Trooper’s Office, State Troopers from State Police Troops across the state, and the University of Connecticut Police are also planning with local EMS and Fire Service authorities to address the emergency care concerns surrounding this weekend event.   

   All university students have been reminded by school officials that they are responsible for their actions and to be aware at all times that the intent of Law Enforcement is not to hinder the weekend celebration, but to provide for the public safety and to prevent lawless behavior. All visitors to any on- or off-campus activity should be reminded by their hosts that they are responsible for their own actions. University of Connecticut Police and Connecticut State Troopers will be located both on- and off-campus all weekend to ensure the safety of all celebrants during the entire spring weekend event.

   The State Police Department has added additional enforcement procedures that will attempt to curtail violations of State Law and Local Ordinances. State Police will set up several DWI checkpoints on local roads in Mansfield. Any minor (under 21) in possession of alcohol in a motor vehicle is in violation of state law. The Town of Mansfield has a local ordinance that prohibits possession of open containers of alcohol in public. These statutes will be strictly enforced.   The State Police and UConn effort work in tandem again this year to fight underage drinking in and around the campus. 

   The Connecticut State Police will prepare a daily news release detailing all arrests and summons issued during the Spring Weekend celebration.

   Lt. J. Paul Vance and Tfc. William Tate of the State Police PIO staff will be on-site at the State Police Command Post located at Goodwin Elementary School, 321 Hunting Lodge Rd., Mansfield to address law enforcement media concerns or questions.


Lt. J. Paul Vance