Connecticut State Police Patch STATE OF CONNECTICUT
Department of Public Safety
1111 Country Club Road
Middletown, Connecticut 06457
August 30, 2007



     The Labor Day Holiday is traditionally viewed as the final holiday of the summer season and it is anticipated that 80% of those enjoying this end of summer holiday will travel by car. 

     During the long weekend, the Connecticut State Police will participate with State Police across the country in Operation “CARE” (Combined Accident Reduction Effort) as a large volume of traffic is expected on Connecticut roads and highways.  AAA has also predicted that vehicle travel will be high this year.

     The Connecticut State Police will start the 2007 Labor Day Holiday enforcement effort at midnight, Friday, August 31, 2007, and continue the operation until midnight Monday, September 3, 2007.  The State Police will utilize added manpower and all available equipment for this safety enforcement project.  The non-traditional State Police vehicles (Chevrolet Impalas, Camaros, Dodge Chargers), the fixed wing aircraft and the helicopter will participate in speed enforcement and will search highways for unsafe, erratic and intoxicated drivers.  The use of seatbelts in all cars is mandated by law; all occupants are instructed to wear their seat belt.  DUI spot-checks have been scheduled to operate at several locations over the weekend all across the State of Connecticut.

      Combining the consumption of alcohol and driving is against the law. A reminder from State Police “DRUNK DRIVING: OVER THE LIMIT, UNDER ARREST.” This behavior endangers not only the drunk driver but also every other person who uses the roads and highways.  The State Police reminds all drivers “don’t drink and drive, always designate a driver for everyone’s safety.”

     Public Safety Commissioner John A. Danaher III noted,  “All motorists are reminded that if they see a driver they believe may be under the influence, they should report it immediately – that is a true emergency.  Help the Connecticut State Police remove all drunk drivers from our roads and highways by calling 911.”

     Labor Day weekend 2006 resulted in 50 arrests for driving under the influence, 276 seatbelt violations, and 1,279 speeding tickets issued.  A total of 372 accidents occurred during Labor day weekend of 2006, 61 of those accidents with injuries and one fatality.

     State Police “sobriety checkpoint” dates and locations for the Labor Day Holiday weekend are as follows:


               B                  09/01/07                     Sobriety Checkpoint: Park Avenue and East

                                                                     Albert Street, Torrington. In conjunction with

                                                                     Torrington P.D. and the Breath Alcohol

                                                                     Testing Mobile Unit

                                               09/03/07                     Roving Patrol - Route 44 and 202,

                                                                     New Hartford


            G                  08/31/07                     Sobriety Checkpoint: I-95 Exit #18,

                                                                  Sherwood Island Connector in Westport

                                 09/03/07                     Roving Patrol: I-95 and Route 25,

                                                                  Bridgeport area

                    L                   09/01/07                     Sobriety Checkpoint: Route 4 / Route 179
         Burlington / Canton

                                 09/03/07                    Roving Patrol: Route 8 Litchfield/Thomaston

            A                   08/31/07                    Sobriety Checkpoint: I-84 E/B Exit #4, Danbury

                                 09/03/07                    Roving Patrol: I-84, Danbury area


            H                   08/31/07                    Sobriety Checkpoint: I-84 Exit #48 W/B

                                                                  Entrance Ramp from Asylum Street and

                                                                  Capitol Avenue, Hartford

                                 09/03/07                     Roving Patrols: I-91 & I-84 corridor, Hartford area

            I                    08/31/07                     Sobriety Checkpoint: I-91 Entrance Ramp

                                                                   at Willow Street/Blatchley Avenue, New Haven

                                09/01/07                     Sobriety Checkpoint: Route 10 Entrance and

                                                                  Exit Ramps to Route 40 Connector, Hamden                                                      

                                09/03/07                     Roving Patrols: I-91 and Route 5/15 corridor;

                                                                  New HavenNorth Haven and Wallingford.


            F                   09/01/07                    Sobriety Checkpoint: Route 156 / Beach area

                                                                 of Sound View, Old Lyme

                                 09/03/07                    Roving Patrols: Routes 95 and 9 corridor,

                                                                  Westbrookand surrounding towns

            C                  09/01/07                    Sobriety Checkpoint: Route 195 and North

                                                                  Eagleville Road, Mansfield

                                 09/03/07                    Roving Patrols: I-84 Corridor, Vernon to

                                                                  MA state line

               D                   08/31/07                    Sobriety Checkpoint: Route 6 Brooklyn

                                                                     in conjunction with the Breath Alcohol Testing

                                                                     Mobile Unit

                                 09/03/07                    Roving Patrols: Route 6, Brooklyn/Killingly

                                                                 line I-395

            E                   09/03/07                    Roving Patrol: I-395 and I-95

            K                   09/01/07                    Sobriety Checkpoint: Route 85 south of

                                                                  Route 66, Hebron

                                 09/03/07                    Roving Patrols: Boston Post Road and

                                                                  Route 6 L.A.H., Windham