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August 8, 2007



                                DUI ENFORCEMENT PROJECT

   As summer picnics, parties, and activities continue,  Connecticut State Troopers are increasing the effort to keep our highways and roads safe. Many times, summer activities will include the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Troopers see an increase in the number of drunk driving incidents and arrests during the summer. To reinforce the need to remind drivers not to mix alcohol with driving in our state, the Connecticut State Police will kick off a mid-summer enforcement initiative.

   In an effort to rid our roads of this hazardous behavior, Connecticut State Troopers are planning to continue our aggressive enforcement campaign on all roads across the state.

   State Troopers will conduct numerous operations that will include roadside sobriety checkpoints and targeted patrols of areas where DUI incidents have taken place.

   This enforcement operation is designed to not only focus strict enforcement attention on DUI, but also to focus on other hazardous moving violations that cause accidents.  Aggressive driving, following too close, and excessive speed, along with the failure to use restraint systems, needlessly claim lives of motorists in Connecticut. The Connecticut State Police will utilize marked and unmarked police cars and all of our resources to identify those operators that violate laws in our state.

   Motorists are encouraged to call 911 to report any suspected drunk drivers or reckless operation. Help us keep our roads and highways safe for everyone.

   Following is a schedule of DUI sobriety checkpoints and targeted patrol locations:



               G                    08/10/07              Roving patrols: I-95 Norwalk to West Haven 

                                 08/11/07              Sobriety Checkpoint: I-95 n/b Entrance Ramp 34,



            L                    08/11/07              Sobriety Checkpoint: Route 72 (Broad St/Riverside

                                                             Ave) and Route 229(King/Middle Street) Bristol


            A                    08/11/07              Sobriety Checkpoint: State Commuter Parking Lot, 

                                                             Segar Lane Danbury – across from I-84 e/b

                                                             entrance ramp



            H                    08/10/07              Roving Patrols: I-84 and I-91 in and around

                                                            HartfordCity Limits

                                  08/11/07              Sobriety Checkpoint: I-84 Exit #48 w/b

                                                             on ramp from Asylum Streetand Capitol

                                                             Avenue in Hartford


            I                     08/10/07              Sobriety Checkpoints: I-91 on ramp from Willow

                                                             Street/Blatchley Avenue in New Haven and I-91

                                                             s/b Exit #3 off ramp in New Haven

            F                   08/10/07              Roving Patrol: I-95 and Route 9 in Westbrook area

                                  08/11/07              Sobriety Checkpoints: Route 66 in Middlefield and

                                                             Route 157 & Route 147 in Middlefield and Durham


            C                    08/10/07              Sobriety Checkpoint: Intersection of Route 32

                                                             and 190 in Stafford

                                                             Roving Patrol: Route 195 in Tolland

               D                   08/10/07              Sobriety Checkpoint: Route 6 in vicinity of

                                                                Brooklyn/Killingly town line, in conjunction with

                                                                the Breath Alcohol Testing Mobile Unit.

            E                    08/11/07               Sobriety Checkpoint: Route 2 and Route 164

                                                              in Preston in conjunction with the Breath

                                                              Alcohol Testing Mobile Unit.

            K                   08/11/06               Sobriety Checkpoint: Route 32 north of

                                                              Route 203 in Windham.


Lt. J. Paul Vance