Connecticut State Police Patch STATE OF CONNECTICUT
Department of Public Safety
1111 Country Club Road
Middletown, Connecticut 06457
June 22, 2007
              Operation Daybreak II Nets 26 Arrests in Northeast Connecticut
   On 06/22/07, at 5 a.m. State Police Troop D initiated “Operation Daybreak II,” an arrest warrant roundup focusing on the thirteen towns in Troop D’s area of responsibility. 
   Teams of State Troopers, augmented by officers from the Department of Adult Probation and the Department of Correction’s Parole Division, fanned out in teams throughout the troop area, arresting 11 persons by 8 a.m.  Judicial Marshals from the Danielson Court were assigned to Troop D to assist with prisoner processing and transportation.  This operation continued throughout the morning, resulting in 26 persons arrested, clearing 33 active arrest warrants (some of the arrestees had multiple arrest warrants). 
   All arrests occurred by 12:00 noon.  Among the many arrest warrants served were ones for Robbery 2nd, Sexual Assault 2nd, Burglary 3rd, Failure to Appear 1st, and a Fugitive from Justice out of Rhode Island on a robbery charge. 
   The arrestees and charges are detailed below:
   1. Goldbranson, Christopher, DOB 6/27/84, 59 Main St., Apt. 2, Sterling
         Charge: Failure to Appear 1st, Failure to Appear 2nd (two warrants)
   2. Burton, Brandon, DOB 3/8/89, 20 Pineville Road, Dayville
         Charge: Failure to Appear 2nd
   3. Davis, Robert S., DOB 12/27/60, 703 Margaret Henry Rd, Sterling
         Charge: Criminal Mischieft 1st, Breach of Peace
   4. Cullen, Michael, DOB 5/13/81, 113 Shippee Schoolhouse Rd., Killingly
         Charge: Failure to Appear 1st
   5. Tobey, Edward J., DOB 7/29/68, 499 No. Main St., Apt 2, Killingly
         Charge: Failure to Appear 2nd
   6. Aubin, Leo G., DOB 12/28/62, 441 Allen Hill, Brooklyn, CT
         Charge: Failure to Appear 1st
   7. Laureano, Luzmarie, DOB 12/11/84, no certain address
         Charge: Fugitive from Justice (Rhode Island)
   8. Scott, Justin, DOB 3/17/89, 659 Rt. 198, Woodstock
         Charge: Sexual Assault 2nd Degree/Risk of injury to a minor
   9. Blanchard, Christopher, DOB 8/1/78, 39 Woodstock Ave, Putnam
         Charge: Failure to Appear 2nd
   10. Zavistoski, William J., DOB 11/9/64, 62 Gibson Hill, Sterling
         Charge: Failure to Appear 2nd
   11. Bellerose, Ryan M., DOB 2/9/88, 114 Cady Rd, Putnam
         Charge: Failure to respond to infraction
   12. Jeffs, Henry, DOB 7/13/77, 65 Cottage St., Danielson
         Charge: Violation of probation (two warrants)
   13. Craig, Matthew, DOB 5/20/87, 20 Cady St., Apt. A, Danielson
         Charge: Robbery 2nd, Assault 2nd, Larceny 4th
   14. Butts, Gregory, DOB 09/6/70, Corrigan Correctional, Montville
         Charge: Harassment 2nd (7 counts)
   15. McPeek, Justin, DOB 8/29/89, 179 Main St., Hampton
         Charge: Burglary 3rd, Criminal Mischief 3rd
   16. Stone, Ryan, DOB 7/16/87, 71 Quebec Square, Brooklyn, CT
         Charge: Violation of probation (two warrants)
   17. Openchofski, Daniel, DOB 12/7/88, 51 Talbot Ave, Moosup
         Charge: Burglary 3rd, Larceny 3rd, Failure to Appear (4 counts)
   18. Spaulding, William, DOB 8/3/65, 29 Ives St., Apt. 1, Willimantic
         Charge: Violation of Protective Order
   19. Capasso, Joseph E., DOB 10/4/64, 201 Broad St., Danielson
         Charge: Failure to respond to Infraction
   20. Culley, Travis R., DOB 3/12/74, 21 Reynolds St., Danielson
         Charge: Violation of Restraining Order (3 counts, assist Norwich PD)
   21. Carito, Kevin, DOB 9/18/87, 25 Buck St., Putnam
         Charge: Violation of Probation
   22. Gallup, Timothy, DOB 5/22/59, 265 Green Hollow Road, Moosup
         Charge: Violation of Probation
   23. Levasseur, Michael D., 23 Oak St., Putnam
         Charge: Failure to Appear 2nd
   24. Livernois, Diane, DOB 5/13/59, 98 South Main St., Brooklyn, CT
         Charge: Failure to respond to infraction
   25. Lewis, Robert, DOB 5/11/79, 675 So. Frontage Rd, Killingly
         Charge: Violation of Probation
   26. Provencal, Arthur, DOB 1/1/82, 307 Barber Rd, Woodstock
         Charge: Criminal Mischief 1st, Disorderly conduct